Free Violin Lessons for Beginner Violinists

Learn to Play Online from Scratch to your First Concerto

Hi, I’m Zlata!

Classical Violinist & your Online Violin Teacher

Free Violin Lessons for Beginner Violinists

Learn to Play Online from Scratch to your First Concerto

Hi, I’m Zlata!

Classical Violinist & your Online Violin Teacher

You’re NOT too old and it’s NOT too late!

You can learn to play the violin beautifully as an adult beginner

I’ll help you every step along the way. On this page you’ll learn to buy your first violin, tune your violin, hold the violin and bow properly, play scales and beginner songs. You can learn all online by yourself at your own pace.

What do you need to start playing the violin?

fiddlerman concert violin reviewYou need a violin (duh) with a chinrest and shoulder rest, violin bow, rosin, violin case and music stand.

Best cheap beginner violins to buy online

Most violins you buy online come with a chinrest, case, bow and rosin. You need to buy the shoulder rest and music stand separately (or play without).

As an adult beginner, look for a 4/4 size violin

Here’s my violin size guide.

From my experience working in a violin shop for over 12 years and teaching the violin for over 15 years, I’ve selected the best beginner violins:

Oh no, my new violin doesn’t sound!

No worries! First tighten your violin bow, rosin it and tune your violin:

How to Tune your Violin as a Beginner Violinist

Use my free online violin tuner on the left, where I’ll explain first how to tune and after that I let all four strings sound, so you can tune. 

As a beginner an electronic tuner is very handy! It recognizes the string you play and tells you of you need to tune it higher or lower. Absolutely fool proof! You can even use it to check if you’re playing in tune while playing.

Once you got the hang of it, I recommend learning to tune with a tuning fork.

Learn to hold the violin and bow and play your first scales and songs

I’ve made a complete beginner violin course that teaches you step by step from scratch to your first concerto including video lessons, sheet music and violin tabs.

You’ll learn Mary has a little lamb, Father Jacob, Twinkle twinkle, Old MacDonald, Lightly row and the Ode to Joy theme by Beethoven. Also I teach you scale exercises, so you can play them all beautifully in tune.

Join my FREE beginner violin course

I take you from scratch step by step to your first violin concerto including 40 videos, sheet music and violin tabs.

Tips for self learning the violin

#1 Spend plenty of time on proper violin hold and bow hold

This will save you a lot of struggles and time in the future. The hold of your violin and bow determine if you can make progress.

#2 Practice on open strings

Don’t move to placing your fingers on the strings right away. First make sure that you can get a good sound from the violin on open strings. This is hard to correct if your attention is divided.

#3 Follow a step by step plan with scales, exercises and songs

You can find thousands of violin lessons online on YouTube, but if you don’t know in which order to take them, you’ll only feel overwhelmed and stuck.

In my free online beginner course I give you a step by step plan from a century long European tradition. It teaches you from scratch ALL the way to your first concerto. Click here to join 12,500 students from 50+ countries in my free beginner violin lessons.

More practice tips:

Easy Violin Lessons for Beginners

Play your favorite songs on the violin:

Violin, rose, coffee

Easy Beginner Concertos

Yes, you can already prepare for big violin concertos by diving these easy student concertos!

How to Play Amazing Grace on Violin: EASY Beginner Tutorial

Amazing Grace

You just need two fingers and reading notes is not required to play this beautiful melody!

Bowing and beautiful sound tips for beginner violinists

Bowing and Sound Tips for Beginners

Get rid of that beginner sound as quick as possible

Watch more beginner violin lessons right here!

How to Play SILENT NIGHT on the Violin | Easy Christmas Tutorial for Beginners

Easy Christmas Songs

Get violin lessons and free sheet music on your favorite Christmas songs, like Silent Night, Jingle bells, Oh holy night and more!

Learn to play Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber with this violin tutorial

Music of the Night

Learn one of Broadway’s most beautiful melodies!

20 Tips to NOT Hit Other Strings and Sound Scratchy on the Violin

20 Tips to Stop Sounding Scratchy

Here’s how to stop hitting other strings and sound scratchy on the violin.

Mozart - Ave Verum Corpus _ Violin Tutorial

Play Ave Verum by Mozart

You can’t start Mozart too early 🙂

5 Beautiful Unknown Concertino’s in the 1st Position

Unknown Easy Violin Concertos

Tired playing Küchler op 11? Here are 5 beautiful unknown beginner concertos in the first position.

Intermediate Violin Lessons Online

When are you an intermediate violinist?

You can continue with my intermediate lessons when:

  • You are comfortable with your violin posture and bow hold
  • You are playing with a decent sound and fluent bowing
  • You can play in tune in the first position with various finger frames
  • You want to learn vibrato, position play and more advanced bowing techniques

Side note: of course I can’t determine your level from here neither should you worry about it. Just see which of my violin lessons speak to you.

Also take a look at my lessons about bowing technique, intonation and vibrato.

As you are now perhaps looking for more specific topics, feel free to use the search bar on the top right of this website to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here are just some highlights for intermediate violinists:

Free Violin Fingering Chart

As an intermediate violinist you might want to explore the whole fingerboard of the violin:

5 Most Beautiful Intermediate Violin Concertos

5 Intermediate Violin Concertos

When you just learned the third position, you can move to intermediate violin concertos.

Downton Abbey Theme Violin Tutorial

Downton Abbey theme

Oh man, I’m a sucker for costume dramas!

Advanced Violin Lessons Online

You’re an advanced violinist when you’re comfortable with:

  • Vibrato
  • Playing in several positions
  • Different bow techniques like spiccato and staccato


Watch my latest online violin lessons:


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