How to play SHENANDOAH on the Violin?

by | Jul 12, 2014 | Repertoire | 4 comments

In this video I teach you how to play Shenandoah very easily on the violin. It can all be done in the first position.

Will you play along with me? Enjoy!

Click here to download the sheet music.

Judex asks:

Hi Zlata !

I just bought your Violin Lounge TV 2013 DVD box.

I want to learn to play very well 20 tunes on my violin. I am a Learner.

To start with, I will appreciate you teaching me the following :

1. Largo (Dvorak) from the New World Symphony.
2. Shenandoah.
3. May it be.
4. Pearl Fishers.
5. Somewhere over the Rainbow.

I start the bid at $ 50. and immediately increase the bid to $ 100.

I feel many of your Fans will appreciate to learn from you as I do.

Cheers !

Thanks for sponsoring this video, Judex, and making it possible for the Violin Lounge community to watch and learn.



PS: What music do you want to learn? Leave a comment below!


  1. Dot brewer

    Hi Zlata,
    I am really surprised to watch your bowing here. You seem to be all over the place, seldom in the same place on a string or parallel to the bridge – yet you sound exquisite!
    What gives? What am I missing that I’d been taught for years?
    Dot Brewer-Pecson

    • Violinist Zlata

      Hi Dot,

      The thing about the place on the string is that the sound is different on each place and when moving your bow over the string you can color the sound. It’s important to do this consiously and controlled. That’s why students first learn to bow straight and on the same spot: to gain that control. After that you can use that control you have to color the sound.

      The thing about bowing straight is explained in this video:

      Hope this is the answer 🙂

      Best regards,


      • Dot

        Thank you. This is very interesting and helpful!

      • Violinist Zlata

        And of course when I am recording I am surrounded by stuff and always trying to avoid hitting a microphone stand, table or whatever with my bow. In this video there is some more movement than normally I must say and I think this explains it. In three weeks I will be moving to a different place and hope to have more space there :).

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