Online Violin Lessons

play the violin with passion

Hi, I’m Zlata

Violinist and Teacher

Online Violin Lessons

play the violin with passion

Hi, I’m Zlata

Violinist and Teacher

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Paganini violin technique

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FREE Violin Lessons

Learn to Play the Violin Online

#1 Beginner Violin Lesson

FREE Violin Lesson #1 for Beginners | Violin Hold

Start Playing the Violin

Violin teacher Zlata made a 40 lesson violin course with the exact steps you need to learn as a beginner violinist to learn to play the violin beautifully. All the 40 violin video lessons, the beginner book, the etude books, the easy concertos and more sheet music are TOTALLY FREE.

#1 Intermediate Violin Lesson

violin bow hold

How to Bow Smoothly on the Violin

This violin lesson is all about learning to make a beautiful sound on the violin by learning a flexible bow hold, the bow arm mechanics and what all great soloists have in common when it comes to bowing. I show it close up and slow motion, so you can instantly improve your violin bowing.

#1 Advanced Violin Lesson

all 102 violin bowing techniques

ALL 102 Violin Bowing Techniques & Terms

Learn all about detaché, martelé, staccato, spiccato, ricochet, martelé and more bowing techniques and terms you’ve heard about in this violin lesson. There are over 100 examples of famous violinists, sheet music notation and how to play these techniques yourself. Learn the tools of music expression!

Latest Violin Articles

Read my blog with violin, bow and string reviews, the most beautiful violin repertoire and much more

Learn to play the violin beautifully with my latest FREE online violin lessons

1.000+ FREE violin videos to improve your violin technique

Free Violin Tools

Violin Tuner

Finally an easy way to tune your violin! My free online violin tuner will recognize the open string you play and guide you to tune it to the right pitch. The tuner can be used on desktop, tablet, iPhone and any other smartphone.


As a violin teacher Zlata has designed an easy to use metronome that has some new functionalities: subdivisions and difficult rhythms to practice with. This will make practicing with a metronome more effective and more fun.

String Reviews

This violin string comparison chart takes the mystery out of choosing the right strings for your violin. You can find all major brands and types of strings and you’ll know exactly what to buy.

Free Violin Sheet Music

intermediate violin concertos and concertinos with free sheet music

107 Intermediate Violin Concertos

FREE violin sheet music downloads of the most beautiful intermediate violin concertos and concertinos to improve your violin technique, intonation and bowing. 38 of them are suitable for beginners.

violin finger chart with all notes

FREE Violin Scale Book

Sensational Scales is a FREE 85 page violin scale book that goes from simple beginner scales with finger charts all the way to all three octave scales and arpeggios:

violin finger chart with all notes

Violin Finger Chart

PDF Downloadable poster with the exact spots of ALL notes on the violin. You’ll also learn how to read them in violin sheet music and connect them to how they should sound. Can’t miss in your violin practice room!

Latest play-along violin lessons

Learn to play beautiful pieces on the violin including free sheet music, finger close ups and performances by violin teacher Zlata