Yes! You can master the art of bowing and play the violin beautifully!

Professional bowing technique and tone creation are learnable skills.

But you need to know exactly how to practice these skills!

Master the Basics of Violin Playing

90% of ALL struggles on the violin is in the basics!

My online course Violin Lounge Basics teaches you a good basic technique, so you get rid of your beginner sound.

Learn Vibrato on the Violin

15 week online course to learn a beautiful vibrato on the violin

Learn vibrato with clear instructions and exercises you can do as a beginner or advanced violinist.

Learn to play in tune on the violin

Sensational Scales

Learn to play in tune and develop your bowing techniques by practical scales.

Create a Beautiful Sound

Create a Beautiful Tone + Vibrato

Tone production and vibrato are learnable skills. You just need to know exactly how… Step by step…

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