5 Beautiful Unknown Concertino’s in the 1st Position (free sheet music!)

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Do you want to play something different than Rieding op 35?

These easy student concertino’s are hidden gems in the violin repertoire!

Guest author: Henri Vieuxtemps

Some well known concerto’s are recorded like Rieding Op.35 but a lot other concertino’s have never been recorded. We decided to record all Concertino’s for the 1st position as amateur violinist and amateur pianist. On my YouTube channel I made read along video’s to show the score. We are not professional musicians so there is a big chance you have more talent and can play it much better than me soon. I am looking forward to your version of them on Youtube!

It took about 2 years to record all Concertino’s for the first position. We still have to do 8 Concertino’s for the 1-3th position and 8 for the 1-5 th position and 18 for 1-7th position the next 3? years. Here’s a playlist of the 1th position of IMSLP-concertino’s. A very well-known often played piece is Rieding op.35, but there is much more!

These are the 5 student concertino’s in the 1st position I like most personally:

But perhaps you made another choice after listening to the 1st position playlist ;). Also… check out this overview with student concertos!

#1  John Hullah Brown (1875-1960?) Violin Concertino No. 3 Opus 13

#2 Hans Sitt Violin Concertino Op.93 for violin + piano

Here’s Henri playing these two concertino’s live:

#3 Adolf Huber Violin Concertino No.3, Op. 7 for violin +piano

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#4 Adolf Huber Violin Concertino No.4, Op.8 for violin +piano

#5 Leo Portnoff Violin Concertino Opus 13 for violin + piano (played by professional Aloisia Duaer)

There are also 3 short Concertino’s for 2 violin + piano.

Here we played them live with the Curtainrail Concertino Trio :

The Curtainrail ConcertinoTrio Huber op.11+30 + Söchting op.95 2 violins+piano

I hope your violin teacher can also play piano very well to accompany you. Perhaps you will choose 5 different most beautiful Concertino’s in the 1th position.

Have fun on the violin and post a comment below with your favorite concertino!

A big thank you to guest author Henri Vieuxtemps for writing this article and for his beautiful work of ‘collecting violin concerto’s’ in general.



  1. Sharron willies

    Hi, I would like to know there simple version of these for a total beginner with notes and finger numbers, I’m learning at home and only just trying to learn sheet music and all I can find to play for a beginner is nursery rhymes and fun songs I would to try a classical concerto?.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Hi Sharron, in that case I don’t think it’s time for your first concertino yet, but you’ll get there! First finish a beginner book, like Sassmanshaus or Suzuki book 1. These are not concertino’s for complete beginners. Usually students with weekly private lessons play them after one year (if they are quick) or two or three years (average). Good luck! Because of changes in sharps and flats notes and finger numbers won’t work. Happy practicing!

  2. Jenifer Spencer

    What fun to hear the music by John Hullah Brown- he taught me piano between 1954 and 1959, when he emigrated to New Zealand to be with his step daughter. I believe he lived longer than 1960, as my mother used to write to them and exchange Christmas cards. I think he lived well into his nineties. He used to stroll about with a cigar between his fingers while he was teaching. He was a throwback to the Edwardian era. He certainly developed my love of music, in his rather unorthodox approach. I have a lovely picture of him and his wife standing on the steps of their house in Halford Road Richmond before he emigrated. He have me the lovely gift of his piano music when he left. It was an amazing gift- some of the music is now over 100 years old and I am still playing from it!

  3. Litzy

    Hi! For some reason, the sheet music for concertinos 2-5 for violin sheet music does not allow me to download it. A 4040 page not found error message comes up. Also thank you so much for all the resources that are available on your page! I appreciate it a lot.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Oooooops! I’ve updated all the links and they should work again. Let me know if there’s something missing :).


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