Downton Abbey Theme Violin Tutorial | Violin Lounge TV #333

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Repertoire | 6 comments

Watch my violin and piano cover and learn to play the Downton Abbey theme music yourself with my tutorial video and sheet music:

I love the series Downton Abbey

… but my newborn twins are a bit to young to go with me to the cinema to watch the movie. To get my taste of Downton Abbey I have made a music video with my violin and piano cover of the theme song. During our recording session my twins slept peacefully in the stroller next to Mari’s grand piano.

After recording I thought: you might like to play this piece yourself. That’s why I made the tutorial above. I hope you can play it soon just like me… or better!

Hi! I'm Zlata

Classical violinist helping you overcome technical struggles and play with feeling by improving your bow technique.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial video for the Downton Abbey theme.

If you’re looking to get a beautiful sound with smooth bowing. Check out my bow technique videos right here.

In the video I mention this lesson about finger action and bowing smoothly and this lesson about automating your bow technique, so you can focus on the musical expression.


Let me know in the comments below if you have questions about this and what piece you want to learn next on the violin!


  1. Pamela D. Gossage

    pdgossage@yahoo. I love this music so amazing .What my heart desire. So much so. But I am slow to learn.
    I would love to have sheet music for this song. Did you receieve the pictures I drew some years back have done ot nothings compare to these. Also can type ,should come easier to rmember.Good to here from you.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Yes, it’s such a beautiful theme! There’s a sheet music download link above.

  2. John Norton

    My dear Zlata this is a beautiful video. First your written remarks on preparing for it made me laugh. Then you made me smile throughout it because every note you played was totally alive. This amazed me because you were only playing a few notes at a time then stopping to explain issues to us. I can’t imagine it being more alive when you play it straight through. I clearly heard, as well as saw, a very happy woman and mom. Your detailed descriptions for bowing is especially good and makes us realize how important that is to give ‘life” to the piece. And I really appreciated the video insert showing your left hand; your fingers with their nice square knuckles are a fine example of what we are all striving for. From your bowing descriptions with their dynamics, the many things we see in the video, and the lovely sounds we hear from your violin, this is truly a perfect video. It inspires us, while teaching us that with some thought, listening, and a lot of practice, we really can play music. When I watch it again, and again, I’m sure I will benefit from many fine details that I missed this first time. Thank you so much.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Thank you so much for your kind words and compliments, John! I’m very glad that the teaching in musicality and making the notes come to life came through. Here‘s me playing the full piece with my pianist. Also I’m happy you like the fingers. As I don’t have a second camera, I recorded the hand later, trying it to sync and did a hard job editing, haha! So I’m glad it useful :).

  3. Baronice

    Hlo Zlata.I can’nt help but laugh when you tell us about the preparing before playing the nice of you to be a mom and at the same time to find time to teach all of us.your’e our great teacher.Beautiful piece.i like the spiccato and for my next video i would like you to play A whiter sade of pale.please.Do enjoy the rest of your day.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Yes, Baronice, I’m very glad thanks to the internet I found a way to be mother and violinist without compromising on one of them. Thank you for the suggestion!


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