because violin playing is difficult enough as it is

Free Violin Tools

Online Violin Tuner

Finally an easy way to tune your violin! My free online violin tuner will recognize the open string you play and guide you to tune it to the right pitch. The tuner can be used on desktop, tablet, iPhone and any other smartphone.

Free Metronome

As a violin teacher Zlata has designed an easy to use metronome that has some new functionalities: subdivisions and difficult rhythms to practice with. This will make practicing with a metronome more effective and more fun.

String Reviews

This violin string comparison chart takes the mystery out of choosing the right strings for your violin. You can find all major brands and types of strings and you’ll know exactly what to buy.

Finger Chart

The notes on the violin can be very confusing. This is why I created this violin fingerboard map on which you can see exactly where all the notes are on the violin. It also links to sheet music and pitch sounds.