Tower Strings Rockstar Beginner Violin Review

by | Oct 24, 2018 | 68 comments

What to look for when buying a cheap beginner violin outfit?

In this video I explain all about what makes a good violin with an example below $ 200:

Sorry, this giveaway competition is closed!

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Some new cheap violins are impossible to tune and play!

A lot of big Chinese factories dump their B stock on eBay and you really don’t know what you’ll get when ordering a violin. As a beginner violinist you can’t judge if your disappointment in violin playing is caused by your technique or that something is wrong with your instrument.

It’s important that not only good materials are used (spruce and maple for the soundboards, ebony for the pegs and fingerboard), but also that the parts are fitting. checks and adjusts their violins before sending them

I was surprised how they could deliver such a complete violin set, like the Tower Strings Rockstar, where nothing is wrong really. The pegs fit nicely and the finetuners function well, so the violin is easy to tune and has good tuning stability. The bridge fits well and makes the instrument easy to play.

The sound is quite good as you can hear in the video. This beginner violin is great value for money!

This set is ideal for a beginner violinist not looking to spend too much

You can get started with this set, save yourself a couple of years on rent and sell it when you decide to upgrade. In the meantime you might want to buy a good carbon fiber bow and replace the string by synthetic ones like Pirastro Tonica.

After some years you might desire a fuller and richer sound with more possibilities. This is the point where you upgrade to a violin of five hundred dollars, a thousand dollars or more.

Update: Winner Raoul receives the giveaway violin:

Shoulder rest featured in this video:


  • 4/4 size
  • Solid-carved Spruce and Lightly Flamed Maple tone woods
  • Durable Golden Brown Finish (no thick lacquer)
  • Wood dried a minimum of 36 months
  • 100% ebony fingerboard, pegs & fittings
  • Carbon Composite Tailpiece with Built-in Fine Tuners
  • Hand-carved Asian Wood Bridge
  • Well-rounded Bridge – Easy and Comfortable Playability
  • Installed Steel Core Strings (stay in tune longer)


  • One-year warranty on all accessories
  • Sturdy Lightweight Shaped Violin Case
  • Case includes Carrying Straps, Music pocket, Small Storage Compartment, Two bow holders
  • Brazilwood Bow
  • Tower Strings Rosin
  • Violin Shoulder Rest
  • Ultra Practice Mute
  • Polishing cloth
  • Digital Tuner
Most valued features:
  • Sound
  • Playability
  • Looks
  • Outfit
  • Price

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  1. Swetha kanchi

    I have started learning violin almost 7 months ago.. u have inspired me a lot.. I have learnt vibrato and lot of bowing techniques by watching your videos…my teacher appreciated my progress…only because of you..Thankyou for inspiring us..I really need a violin cuz I m learning piano also..couldn’t afford to buy a quality instrument because I have to pay my teaching fees..if I get this violin that would be so helpful …if I didn’t also no problem congratulations in advance for those who win Anyways thankyou for inspiring us in many ways…you are the best teacher for violin that I have seen so far on the internet… usually I don’t comment on the social media..but I have been your YouTube subscriber for so long.. Thankyou have a nice day ❤much love❤❤

    • mark s cobb

      I am an american military veteran that has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, ptsd, add,adhd, and manic depression. I have lost everything I owned, but I am making a come back. no longer homeless, and I believe that everything will work out for the best.
      I’m not trying to win the violin however, I am currently working on a way to purchase one for myself, as it has been said, music does what medicines can’t, it calms the soul.

      It seems there are a lot of people more deserving or in worse condition than I find myself to be. I do not envy you for the decision that you will make, but I am in complete admiration for what you are doing. It seems you are as beautiful on the inside as you are the outside, the world needs that.

      Looking forward to you course of learning and hope someday the world will touch you, as you, have touched it. bless your sweet heart.

      • Don Rhudy

        Mark, the music training will absolutely help you. I am a long-time psychotherapist and speak from experience. You may find you still need to take some meds for the schizophrenia and manic-depression. Actually both neurological problems are closely tied together. and one med may do the trick. I have had clients who were able to set all their meds aside once they came to grips with the problem as just another of life’s nasty problems. Stick with the the violin whatever you do! Many of our greatest musicians coped with such diagnoses throughout all their lives, and did it long before today’s pharmaceutical library of medicines.

      • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

        Wow, Don, great to hear this from a professional! The mental effects of music are very special.

  2. Susan P Eckley

    Yes I would love to win this and also watch the videos

  3. JP Brake

    ALways looking for a better way to play. ALways.

  4. Margaret Wilson

    I love the sound of the violin and would work very hard to produce the sounds I hear in your videos. Please please pick me.

  5. Frank

    I would love to win the violin kit. I am a new violinist, very new, right now paying for a rental and trying to learn online with videos and lessons. An actual violin kit, minus the monthly cost, would not only help financially, but also give me additional incentive to work harder knowing I own one!

  6. Esther Verweij

    I would love to win this violin set for the simple reasson that Zlata played on it and it would be mine!
    (While I can save up money to buy my lifetime violin !)

  7. Huaipi

    The reason why I participate is I am a refugee in Malaysia .. Beause of that thought I wanted to buy violin even the cheap violin from China ,I can’t afford it.. I am borrowing my friend’s violin to learn.. I am just praying to get a violin but it is really impossible for me to buy since I am trylung my best to take violin classes. If I win the violin , it will be a huge present that I could ever imagine of.. thanks for the giveaway

  8. Karin

    I’ve started playing the violin on a borrowed instrument, which I need to return now. So if I want to continue playing the violin (I do!) I’ll need one of my own. I don’t have a big budget, so this violin would be perfect!

  9. Ericson

    I want to be picked for this give away violin, i’ll be very happy and thankful. Thank you so much, kudos to you Zlata

  10. Ericson

    If ever I win this violin, i will practice more and follow your tips on youtube.

  11. FJ Noordam

    I wish …

    Two months ago, as a total beginner, I acquired an electric violin to keep the peace with my neighbors. With the online beginner’s course from your site.
    I am not ready to give up the neighborly peace yet, but I am eyeing for potential violins anyway, dreaming of a future where the melodies I play have become worth being heard. Where I stop having to hide within the sound of silence and move into the welcoming sound of music.

  12. Dean

    Well, I already get your e-mails, and, am already subscribed to your channel.

    But to the point: Why should I win a free violin, when I already own one? Why, to give it to my stepdaughter’s six-year-old daughter Emma (seven, December 11), so she can learn the violin. Plus, give a touch more money to my violin instructor, who is poor, poor, if she never admits to it; I can read it. Emma loves drawing the bow across my violin, though doesn’t quite understand what’s going on.

    Though the award violin may be big, for a six-year-old girl. As the Beatles would say, “We can work it out.”

    That’s about it. It really won’t be for me, but for Emma.

  13. Sabine Golinski

    I would love to win this set, so I can practice even more Because my violin stays at work from Monday til Friday, so I can practice during my lung break . But with a second violin I could also practice at home during the week ☺️

  14. Ken Baker

    I cannot give a good reason why “I” should win. I think the winner should be someone that would benefit immensely with the opportunity to play a valued instrument, but lacks suitable means. Someone that has that deep-hearted desire to play such a beautiful instrument, and lacks the advantage others may have.

    I have that deep-hearted desire. I would certainly consider myself benefited and enriched in being able to play; however, I do not qualify with a lack of suitable means and I think a child lacking that qualification would better suited.

  15. Katrina

    I’m an adult learner. I took lessons as a child. Now I am relearning, & teaching myself however I will be looking for an online insructor. I found your YT? Channel & the lessons there have helped me so much.

  16. Abelardo Campana

    I’m 55 years old and I always admired violinists and wished I could somehow learn how to play at leat one piece. About 3 months ago I decided to follow my dream and started taking private lessons. As per my teacher Daniela Padron here in miami I’m advancing very fast and I practice every single day between 1 to 3 hours depending on my schedule. The more I practice, the more enthusiastic I get to become better at it. I’m renting a beginners violin because I can’t afford to buy a good one at this moment. I take care of my mother who has Alzheimer’s disease and I practice in front of her the few songs I know and she listens very attentive and smiles.That smile is worth millions to me. If I win this violin I could have my own violin. A good violin to continue learning and practicing. Playing the violin is food for my soul and nevertheless entertaining. I’m going to try to send you a video of me playing my first etude. Thanks for all you do. I always watch your youtube channel and is a pleasure to hear you playing.

  17. William Abraham

    I have been learning the viola for about 9 months now, and would love a chance to learn about the violin and the differences between the two.

  18. Andre

    I should win because I love playing violin and my violin is breaking down, so I need a new violin to practice on.

  19. Nancy Zorn

    Hi Zlata.
    I would love to win this Beautiful violin set.
    I bought a violin on Amazon I pretty sure it is one from China. I have taught myself how to play the violin with the help with your Awesome videos. I am 52 years old disabled lady taking care of my granddaughter who want to have grandma to teach her How to play the violin. If I won the violin give away I would be able to give her my violin and I could use the new one.I would like to Thank you so much for all your time and energy makin all the free Awesome video’s. You are so talented playing the violin. I hope I can give e my granddaughter a early start so she can be as good as you or at least half as good as you. Thank you and have a great day.

  20. Carlos holder

    Violin music is the most beautiful music on the planet. I do now own one but have always wished I could learn to play the violin.

  21. Azka Yamin

    I have always wanted to play violin since i was very young , but i coul not afford it since it is very expensive here in Pakistan and i am student. Secondly, we donot have many music instrument shops here. So I beleive that i deserve to wiin that violin.

  22. Chris Photiou

    I would like to win this violin as I just started and I follow your lessons and in a year or so to bye from you a professional expensive violin and I have recommended you to many violinist and they have bought you carbon bow.Thankyou

  23. Mary Ann

    I plan to be biking in Holland in April. I would love to visit your shop then and meet you in person! In what town or city do you reside?

    I’d love to win your violin outfit in order to gift my grandson who has expressed an interest in learning to fiddle with Nana 🙂

  24. John

    I’m a beginner and I play on a cheap violin and I suck.

  25. Daniel Stephens

    Hello Zlata Brouwer, my name is Daniel Stephens and I came across your violin giveaway post earlier today. Before I express my feelings on why I would love to have that beautiful instrument, I would like to thank you for your generousity and helping hand for whoever gets the opportunity to receive this violin.Ive been playing the violin for a few years now on a almost unplayable instrument. As I progress in my studies I find it harder and harder to really produce many aspects in the music playing such as tone quality, sound production, Texture, color etc not because oftechnical deficiencies but due to the instrument that I own. Unfortunately, My family and I are not in a financial place where we can afford to buy a better instrument. Having the opportunity to play in a better instrument would be extremely helpful for me in many aspects. The main succor it will grant me is it would give me more time to save up more money to buy a proffesional violin. Thank you for giving me and many others the opportunity to be eligible in winning this violin. Your magnanimity will have a huge impact on a lucky student.

  26. Wojciech

    I intend this year to start learning at a music school, specifically at the jazz department. I would love to have an instrument on which I could learn and play at least for a few years of school.
    Greetings from Poland!
    Miłego Dnia!

  27. Sabrina Émane meye

    Hey i should win this violin.because i love playing violin.i was not playing for years.but after your video and advice i play barrer.maybe thats why…..hahahah dont know i try To write english….i wish to have it .so i will dream to win the violin .

  28. Sabrina Emane Meye

    I dream to win.

  29. Chris

    So can give the gift of music to other people

  30. Jorge Vicente


    My name is Jorge Vicente, I just started to learn how to play the violin because I love the sound of this instrument, now I am taking regular classes but I complement this learning through another materials such as the videos from Zlata, it would be amazing if I can win this violin because I use now an old violin from my sister who tried to learn years ago, but the quality of the violin is not the best. Any way if any other person has more lucky than me, enjoy it.

    Also thanks for this opportunity and for your videos Zlata Brouwer.

  31. Dave De Haan

    I do not want to rent a violin from a local music store.

  32. Nancy Meyers

    Hello Zlata!
    I would love to win this package as I am sure it will help me with my sound as a beginner. I have an inexpensive and not well made violin. But it’s all I can afford now. So I’d Love to win this package. Thank you for your emails and YouTube and all of the free advuce you offer.
    Best regards
    Nancy Meyers

  33. Michelle de Vré

    Ik zou erg graag willen winnen omdat ik al van jongs af aan viool heb willen leren spelen. Het is al een wens van vroeger! Ook heb ik nu 2 kindjes en ik hoop dat 1 van hen ooit viool wilt gaan spelen!

    I would really like to win because I wanted to learn how to play the violin from a young age. It is already a wish of the past! I also have 2 children now and I hope that one of them will ever play the violin!

    Ik vind het ook erg leuk om jou berichten te zien, en wat kan je mooi spelen. Prachtig beroep.

    I also like to see your messages, and can you play nicely. Wonderful profession.

    Michelle de Vré.

  34. kinga

    i should win bc i interested in
    lutherie . And i would love to have a new instrument to study it. Also i’m really keen on to start cello lesson in my music school andi am still deciding between cell or violin

  35. sara lin

    I dont know if i’ll be one of your choices in giving violin. But i just wanted to try. Im from Philippines and i’ve been really praying to have my own violin. Coz i really love playing it and been playing it for about 4years now. Thats all i could say Thank you and God bless

  36. Karl

    Hey, I really commend you for your efforts in teaching violin technique in your channel. I have personally benefited from some of your videos, especially during the time when I was only self-taught. Anyway, I think that this violin would help me in more ways than one. I live in a community where there is a deficit of quality instruments. If ever I get my hands on this new instrument, I would be happy to use it to share what little knowledge on technique that I have to eager learners. There are virtually no string players in my own community (with the exception of me, and a nephew and a niece of mine). While that is the case, I see some young audience who are interested in picking up the instrument but do not have the financial resources to do so. Being a freelancer, I have free time I can use to teach music to deserving scholars. Music and music education inspire me, and it is something I wish to impart to the youth as both a student and a teacher.

    It is a long shot, but yes, I already subscribed to your channel and to your e-mail updates. 🙂

  37. Daniel

    I already have a violin its somehow playable but i need money to help my music education which by now has not been boring AT ALL on the opposite it let me express what should be spoken because i believe there are things that should and shouldnt be done why im telling this because in this form of art it lets me do that even tought sometimes i dont know how im doing it but im surely know that im making something right and progress even though im a self learner i feel the violin has too many subtleties and things to improve in the music of Joh. Seb. Bach.hope the one that needs the most this giveaway will get it .

  38. Jaysar Esteron

    I have been following you for a long time, and Your wonderful videos have been such a Huge part of my violin Journey! I am a Pastor in Toronto, and if I win this violin, I will be using her at Church primarily to inspire young people to try the violin in the church’s Worship Team. In any case, I love what you do! awesome awesome work. Love your heart and your great teaching


  39. Amanda Tero

    Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway! I’m a music teacher so could definitely use another violin for some of my students. It is difficult to find cheaper violins for beginning students that sounds decent.

  40. Lucy Dunn

    Why I should be the Winner. I am 62 & a stroke survivor. Since my stroke I was unable to use my left arm & hand in any normal level. I played the piano however since my stroke I was unable to Play as I used to. Nevertheless I was not willing to give up & for some reason I decided & desire to learn the violin. I cannot afford to buy one but a friend lent me one. Since then by watching your videos and my friends violin I have gained strength back into my arm & fingers. The music has given me hope and your videos have given me the ability to learn the violin maybe not play very good but I can now use my arm and fingers where I couldn’t before And It would be a miracle to receive a violin from you. As you & your videos brought music back into my life. May God Bless you for your videos have made all of us winners! Thank you!

  41. Raoul

    Waarom zou ik de set moeten winnen?
    Omdat ik graag samen met anderen muziek maak, maar niet iedereen het lef heeft om een instrument te kopen, zonder dat ze weten of het iets voor hen is. Als ik een extra goede studieviool had liggen zou ik deze zonder bezwaar uit handen durven geven voor mensen om eens te spelen of tijdelijk te lenen.
    Het verspreiden van muziek zou mijn doel zijn. Want hoe graag ik ook aan mensen laat zien, horen en voelen hoe fijn een viool is. Van mijn eigen Lorenz moeten ze met hun tengels afblijven .

    Groet Raoul

    Ps. Geniale video weer

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Hi Raoul,

      I love it that you want to use the violin not for yourself, but to share the love for the violin and give others a chance to learn. That’s why YOU are the WINNER of the free violin! Congrats!



  42. Wenny

    I have my fair share of using cheap, chinese violin. It was awful. Because I started and learned violin all by myself, I don’t have the guidance to pick what’s best for me. I never heard about Tower Strings Rockstar violin, but I believe it when you say that it is one of the best beginner violin out there. If given the chance, I’d like to play my best notes with it. Thanks, Zlata. You are my hero

  43. Violeta Lira

    I may tell the same story as many of the participants,and I know I’m not the only one who has been in the process of learning by themselves without a teacher, or violin. I had a friend who passed away and gave me his violin weeks before his passing, and that’s the violin I use now, but it’s a beginners violin, and it’s getting a little bit old (it has been 3 years since I own it), and you can feel it in the sound. I’m still a beginner, but now I have the chance to have a teacher to improve the little achievements I have gathered along the way. My friends will was for me to get a new and better violin once I learn how to play, but I find it hard to learn the sounds if it doesn’t sound right, and in my country there aren’t good violin retailers, and I don’t have enough money for a good beginners violin, not even this one, since shipping and handling cost more. Why should I win it? It could be helpful, yes, but most likely if I don’t win it I will stick to this precious violin even with its bad sound until is no longer useful and I don’t know if this will affect my learning process in the long run (I hope not) and I do want to learn properly. I hope the winner really appreciates this opportunity as much as I do, and who knows, maybe he or she could become in one of the best,even if it’s not me. Before getting my actual violin I waited at least 12 years just to have a glimpse of a violin and I really wanted to learn an instrument since I was a child and I saw on the TV operas and orchestras, and fell in love with the sound of the string family instruments. I wish good luck to all participants. I’ve been subscribed to your channel on YouTube since I started my learning, and you are one of the best teachers I could encounter. Congratulations on the grow of your career.

  44. Dezirae

    I think I should win because I have always wanted to play the violin and am learning a little bit now but a better violin would help. Also I don’t really have the patients to learn much but I am completely dedicated to learning the violin and will not quit, I know the basics of playing and how to properly take care of it so it will have a good home. Even if I don’t win I am thankful for the opportunity to try for it. Thank you.

  45. Dezirae Gibbons

    I am sorry if I am submitting this again but I feel that I should win because I have always wanted to play the violin and am taking steps towards that. Also I don’t really have the patients to learn much else but I am completely dedicated to learning the violin and will not quit. I know the basics of playing and how to take care of it so it will always have a good home. Even if I don’t win I am thankful to have had the opportunity to. Thank you for considering me.

  46. Greg Stewart

    Most people dream of winning the Lottery and how they would spend their winnings. I am a simple man and the Lottery is not for me! but to WIN this Violin would be like be a kid on Christmas everyday!!

  47. Abram Patrick F. Abesamis

    hello!! I think I should win this violin because I am using it on our church. some of Our string ensemble members cannot afford to buy a violin for themselves. there are others who also want to join but they can’t afford to buy a violin. and me, I just borrow my own.

  48. Abram Patrick F. Abesamis

    Hello!! I should win this violin because I’m gonna be using it on our church. not all of us in our string ensemble could afford a quality instrument. I’m just borrowing mine. and I’m very eager to learn more about this instrument. There are also others who want to join but they can’t afford to buy a violin. Some who can, only buys cheap chinese VSO’s, because that’s the violin they can only afford.

  49. David

    Was always looking for another instrument to learn and have always liked watching you on youtube

  50. Justin Stanchfield

    I would love to win this violin. All my life (I’m 56) I have loved th esound of th eviolin, but could only afford the cheapest model I could find, and needless to say I’ve never reached the point where I could say I play. Basically, I make noise with a bow, but hope that someday I might actually be able to make real music.

    Thanks for your wonderful videos!

  51. Joe

    I love your lessons . Thank you for all the energy and effort you put into the videos.
    I sure would love to win. I already subscribe to emails. I an currently in China and YouTube is blocked here. I will subscribe to YT when I an back in the U S next week.
    Thank you!

  52. Joe

    Hi Zlata,
    Thank you for all your effort and energy into teaching all of us how to pay and play well.
    I am already on your email list and am happy to receive your emails.
    I would like to play and sound well, so please enter me in your contest.
    I m currently in China which blocks YouTube but I will subscribe to YT when I am back in the US next week.
    Best regards and Thank you!

  53. Magdalena

    I’ve always wanted to play something. Once I heard the violin and thought: “Wow, it sounds amazing! I definitely must play it.” So I was looking for some online violin lessons but I came across the opinions that learning online isn’t a good option. And I felt discouraged. Then I was searching for some not so expensive local violin lessons but my parents weren’t very convinced. And I was left with the idea of playing the violin in the future when I start to live on my own. But then I heard about you from Marijke plays channel and thought: “Oh, who is Zlata? Oh, she plays the violin. Oh, she even teaches the violin in the Internet. Oh, and it’s for free. Oh, and she’s giving away a violin. How cool. It’s a destiny.” And after all of these surprises I thought that maybe learning online is possible.
    I urge so much to start playing the violin and getting annoyed that I can’t play and waking up the next day and be able to do it, ahh… Probably the more effort we put into it, the more beautiful it is. I’d like to prove the others and myself that the violin and learning online is possible because I believe it really is. They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true, well, I’ll see
    Anyway, what about the delivery costs? Will the winner have to pay it?
    Take care,

  54. Howard K Wachtel

    Dear Zlata,
    I was already following you and subscribed to your YouTube channel.
    I am retired now, so I have a lot of time on my hands. Getting a new violin would motivate me to practice more, and confront the technical issues that are holding me back. Specifically, I cannot seem to figure out how to prevent my left thumb from pressing against the neck of the violin (in low positions). Because I cannot do that, playing puts a lot of pressure on the muscles between the index finger and thumb of my left hand. The soreness is even greater when playing double stops. That problem has me very discouraged. But having a brand new violin would motivate and encourage me to continue to practice more and confront this issue head-on, and hopefully make progress.

  55. Reenesh V

    It’s great ur tutorial are awesome keep it up
    Amazing tutorials

  56. Angelica

    I know that there are just a few percent for me to win this one but I just wanna try to join this giveaway for me to have a chance to learn this instrument. I wanted to have this instrument since I was a kid, but then I still can’t buy this precious thing coz I don’t have enough money. I’m just 16, so i still can’t get enough money for me to buy it. Winning this one is a really a big deal to me as if I’ll win something worth a million.

    Though I know others might win this thing, I still want to thank you for giving other people a chance to have it.

  57. Dave Lausan

    Greetings Zlata! I’ve always admired your character for helping other people who are eager to play the violin. Your videos had helped me so much and pretty sure many other people too. I think I should win this violin not just for me, but also for other people too. It would be such an honour to perform to other people and letting myself share my love for Music. However, I cannot achieve this with just a china-made fiddle. It would be a dream for me to further reach-out to people and expand my range of making them happier, with the help of this gorgeous instrument. I know there might be people out there who much deserves this violin more than I do. And I will still be happy for whoever got chosen.

    Thank you so much Zlata! May God bless You.

    Cheers from the Philippines!!!

  58. Marleen Ruiz Fernandez

    This would be a chance to some of my pupils, who I teach to play the violin, to get acquainted with an perfect instrument, which can improve their playing!!!

  59. Emilia

    I love to listen to you when you play the violin.
    I have a little problem,I have no more money to buy a violin and my parents can’t buy it for me at the moment .You can play the violin very beautyful.I would love to win your giveaway and I promise to practice each day.I also hope that my mother will learn to play the violin and then she,maybe can buy another one for me when I can play the violin very good.

  60. Arzu

    Im a beginner violin student and I want to become professional violinist.If you choose me you would make a great decision knowing that you gave this beauty to someone who will always practice.Xoxo

  61. Elizabeth Cabrera

    I always wanted a violin but my mom cant afford It and also every time i ask her she ignores me because she cant afford It i would love id you gave It to me i Will be as happy as a animal that found food for the first time

  62. Brandon B.

    It’s good that you can show us this violin, you can really see the love with which it was made and you can see it is a good violin to start the study of the violin. In my particular case, I have been studying the violin for almost a year and I must say that this has made me very happy and I am really in love with the violin. Music has been what I have loved most in life and more than a pastime, for me it is a necessity and I’m very serious and disciplined about it. I am currently studying at university a career that is not in the field of music and it has been very difficult to do my school work, study the violin on a daily basis and go to my violin classes, but I do all this with pleasure and joy and difficulties are set aside. This violin would be of immensely useful to me, due to my expenses of the university and of the violin classes, I am not in the possibility of acquiring a violin of better quality than mine, that due to its manufacture and cheap price, has given me several problems that have affected my playing and have given me a lot of headaches. Recently I learned my first piece, a duet by Mazas and I am very happy with what I have learned in this year and I am thinking about auditioning in the amateur orchestra of my university in the near future, since I would like to not only play for myself. If I were selected for the instrument, I would make use of the instrument 100% and I would be very grateful to both you and fiddlerman.

  63. Carlos

    That violin looks pretty good for the price, no doubt.

  64. Nathali

    Hi dear Zlata! I am so grateful for your videos that have helped me so much! I started my violin journey 6 months ago and I am just so passionate about it! It would be truly a blessing to win this beautiful violin as I am practicing on a very low quality one that makes learning harder and limits my possibilities, for as much as I practice I cannot seem to get on. It can be sooo frustrating at times, yet I am grateful that I even have an instrument to play on, and trust that I will have a better violin one day. I have so many dreams to become a talented violinist and share my love for music to the world! And it is so wonderful to see that many people love the violin as well! I wish everyone here the best on their violin endeavors and hope that whoever wins will enjoy it to the fullest!
    Much love to you Zlata, greetings from Peru.