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Check your violin size in my violin size chart and learn all about finding the right violin size for you or your child:

Measure your arm length from neck to mid palm to find the right violin size for you or your child

Look up your arm length in this violin size chart

violin size chart

The 4/4 full size violin is suitable for most adults

In general the fractional sizes are for children and by default as an adult you can go for the 4/4 size.

How to see if a violin fits

You should be able to put your hand around the scroll of the violin. The violin goes from your next to mid palm (or smaller for most adults).

What if you’re between violin sizes?

Choose the smaller size to not strain yourself or see if there’s an in between size. Violin sizing varies a bit by brand. Read more about the exact sizes right here.

Size of the violin bow and case

The violin bow and case need to match the size of the violin and are available in the same sizes.

Why is the right violin size so important?

If the size is too large you strain yourself and it’s very hard to reach the right notes. If the size is too small, semitones are hard to play and the bow is too short.

Beginner violins I recommend

Have you found the right violin size? Then it’s time to buy a violin. Student violins I recommend as a violin teacher are the Richard Bunnel G2 and the Fiddlerman Concert.


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