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Transition fluently between spiccato and sautillé when the tempo of the music demands it

In this way you can have a good jumping bow technique at any speed

There are 4 differences between spiccato and sautillé:

  • Speed: sautillé is done in a higher speed
  • Place on the bow: the faster the tempo, the higher up the bow you play
  • Bow control: the higher the speed, the more passive the bow technique
  • Bow hold: lots of violinists like to lift there pinky a bit the release the bow

I go a bit deeper into these differences in this video.

Don’t overthink your transitions between spiccato and sautillé

It’s not black and white and there is everything in between. Some teachers even say that there is no difference, but the tempo. In the video above I show examples from Vittorio Monti’s Czardas.

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