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5 Tips to Make Practicing Scales Fun | Violin Lounge TV #235

This episode is about having more fun while practicing scales. You probably know that practicing scales is essential for building up a good violin technique and playing in tune with a beautiful tone.

We all know that it’s not always fun to play scales and a lot of students find it to be quite boring. With these 5 tips you can experience more fun while practicing scales:

How to Play in Tune Right from the Start | Violin Lounge TV #232

Practice makes permanent.

If you play on the whole fingerboard without minding the intonation (playing in tune), than you will not only NOT learn the right technique, but you will learn a wrong technique. You’ll make the wrong spots and the out of tune notes permanent.

This is why it’s important to try to play in tune right from the start and to be very precise while practicing.