What’s more important in violin and viola playing than sounding good?

We violinists and violists always want to sound better, to improve our tone and to make people weep in the good way!

Please find below some videos to help you right now…

3 Tips to improve your tone as a beginning violinist or violist

3 tips toneIn this video I will give 3 tips on tone improvement for beginning violinists and violists.

I will handle the common mistakes that most beginners make on tone creation.

I will teach you how to prevent these common mistakes and make a beautiful tone in the early stage of your violin or viola playing.

What if you use a lot of bow, but you still don’t get the rich and warm tone you desire?

What if your use a lot of bow...You want to make a nice full sound… so you use more bow… but it doesn’t work.

When you are cooking a tasty dinner… than don’t just use salt to make it tasty! To make a tasty dinner you should use several herbs and experiment with using them. (I know nothing about cooking, so it’s a wild guess)

In this video I will discuss what you can change in your bowing to create rich and warm tone.

6 Tips to Improve the Tone on Your Violin

6 tone improveOne of our viewers sent us a video of herself playing. She asked us to give her tips on how to improve her tone.

These 6 tips can probably help you too!

In the video I explain how to implement them in your violin or viola playing.


How to Stop Your Violin or Viola from Squeaking

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-19 om 11.59.49Watch this video to learn how to stop your violin or viola from squeaking and scratching.

Just wiping the strings with your bow solves the issue of squeaking, but doesn’t create a beautiful sound.

Violin playing is a game with speed and pressure. Let me explain how to let them work in your advantage and make it possible for you to create a beautiful tone.


4 Ways to Play Soft or Loud on the Violin or Viola

soft and loudCan you play as soft and loud you want on the violin or viola? How to do it?

Do you know there are 4 ways to play soft and loud on the violin or viola?

How and when to use them, so you can use dynamics in every way you like and find most suitable for the piece you are playing?

Why Your Teacher’s Playing Always Sounds Better Than Yours…

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-15 om 12.35.20Isn’t it sometimes frustrating that your teacher’s playing always sounds better than yours?

Of course it’s a great compliment for a teacher, but for a hard working student it can be frustrating.

There are a couple for reasons why your teacher’s playing always sounds better than yours… (after that I will explain why it’s in your advantage)


How to Play ‘In the String’ with Weight and without Tension

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-29 om 17.19.40Your teacher might have told you to play ‘in the string’, but that’s easier said than done.

Lots of students tense up when they need to use weight and stop wiping over the strings.

In this video I solve the tension issue and show you have to create a beautiful tone by playing relaxed.

In an exercise I will teach you how to play with weight.

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