Solve your Pinky Problems on the Violin | Violin Lounge TV #494

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Fix your pinky, so you can play in tune with a beautiful sound on the violin

Watch this video for some great pinky exercises:

Do you feel your pinky (left or right) is just to weak or short to play violin?

Good news: with these pinky exercises you can improve your violin playing a lot!

Video content:

00:39 Left hand pizzicato exercises
03:01 Demonstration of the exercise
04:55 Fix your right pinky and bow smoothly
05:11 Bow hand pinky exercises

Violin fourth finger exercises

The best exercise to improve the strength in the weaker part of your hand (fourth and third finger) is to do left hand pizzicato exercises. It’s also great for the overall balance in your left hand.

You can start by just plucking the open strings with all four (left hand) fingers on all four strings one by one. When you’re a little used to it, you can do the left hand pizzicato exercise with stopped notes from the video.

Would you like to have more violin exercises like this? Check out my program Paganini’s Secret.

Trouble with pinky vibrato? Watch this video.

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Pinky exercises to bow smoothly

If you’re struggling to make a good sound on the violin, chances are 99% it has to do with your finger flexibility. With a rigid bow hold it’s almost impossible to bow smoothly and make a beautiful sound.

Practice the vertical, horizontal and circular movement your fingers make while bowing. I show them all in the video above. The bridge exercise, when done just with the pinky, is also very helpful to train the pinky more specifically.

Start doing the exercises with a pencil, later in the balance point of the bow and finally at the frog. Make sure you’re performing them fluently and relaxed.

Check out my other violin lesson all about bowing smoothly to learn more about bow arm mechanics to make a beautiful sound right here.

Which violin pinky exercise worked best for you?

I’d love to read it in the comments.


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