How to Sound like a PRO Violinist: the secret sauce! Violin Lounge TV #410

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Get the tone quality of your favorite violin performer with these 6 secrets to a professional sound on the violin:

When you’re looking at your favorite soloist… what would you like to be able to do yourself most?

Probably your no 1 is not to play virtuoso repertoire, but to have this expression, this beautiful tone and this way of playing that touches people’s hearts.

Here are 6 secrets to a beautiful professional sound on the violin:

#1 Violin Hold

Holding the violin properly and having a good body posture influences your sound and makes it possible to practice a lot.

Watch my full tutorial on violin hold and posture from tip to toe right here.

#2 Bow Smoothly

Stiff bowing gives you a beginner sound. As the famous violin pedagogue Ivan Galamian said: ‘Violin playing is 80% bow technique’. 

Here at Violin Lounge you’re in the right place. Watch all my lessons on bowing technique right here

This video on bowing smoothly might be a good place to start.

#3 Play in Tune

An out of tune note doesn’t resonate and can’t sound beautiful. I’ve got you covered with my violin lessons on intonation right here.

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#4 Vibrato

Vibrato can give your violin playing a warm and expressive sound. Learn here all about vibrato.

#5 Tone Production

Getting a good sound from your violin, even if it’s not an expensive one, is a matter of balancing proportions. The most important ones are weight, speed and contact point. 

Get a better sound quality on your violin instantly with these 12 checks.

#6 Secret Sauce

Even when you’ve got everything right, you can still sound like a robot. Watch my video above in which I explain how to play expressively.

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  1. Elizabeth Schroeder

    That’s exactly it Zlata. Playing any instrument should be played with expression and feeling and not just play s bunch of notes. But without teaching and practice playing,

  2. Marie

    Thank you for your video .. tracing rhythms, solfege step 1. Making the resonance of the violin more prominent …. Already looking forward to your next video

  3. Rand Lyons

    1st we would all like to congratulate you and the hubby on the new family addition. And I would like to throw out a pitch for future video’s. I wonder if there are others who would like me want to see some ‘how to tutorial ‘ video’s on some way cool Romany gypsy stuff ….like oh say Czardas or The Basso if the former is a bit much for us newbies. Or whatever you think for that minor key kind of music. How about the charming celtic ballads?. You could spend weeks teaching just one piece with intermittent discussion as you just did in this video. And if you really wanted to be the cats meow , you could show us some very simple drone notes or some form of simple support part so we can play along while watching you demonstrate and learn our vibrato at the same time. Tremendasley involved but the hard part would be to get us to pay you for your effort.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Thank you for your suggestion, Rand. Have you already seen my video on Czardas right here. Even if you’re about to play a different gypsy style piece, I still think you can get some tips on the style from this.

  4. Kerry Hill

    James Ennes is my hero! Yes, he’s Canadian like me, so there’s hope for me!



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