4 Tricks to a Beautiful LEGATO Bowing Technique on the Violin | Violin Lounge TV #498

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Learn a smooth legato violin bowing technique with a beautiful sound

What is legato violin bowing technique?

violin bowing techniques - legatoLegato is playing several notes on one bow stroke that you connect seamlessly together. In the sheet music it’s indicated by a slur above the notes that are to be played on one bow stroke.

Here’s how to play a beautiful legato on the violin:

#1 Bow smoothly

Legato is not only playing the notes under the slur seamlessly, but also making smooth bow changes. This violin lesson video will help you with that.

#2 Bow division

Practice the bow division: if you have four notes under a slur, make sure you give them and equal part of the slur. 

#3 Practice with stops

Practice legato with stops, so you know where you are on the bow and play the right notes on one bow stroke.

#4 Give the last note under the slur more bow

This will connect one slur to the next.

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Play legato bowing technique with these pieces

Here are some beautiful legato pieces to play on the violin:

The Swan by Saint-Saëns (easy tutorial right here and intermediate tutorial right here)

Nearer my God to Thee (from Titanic)


  1. Mary

    Hi Zalta! I have wondered for some time how to connect slurs. The tip of giving the last note of the slur more bow is most helpful Thank you!!

    • Zlata


  2. larry

    all of the tips shared today made complete sense and as usual, you make it look very easy but of course it does take practice and then it gets exciting once we can start seeing the results ourselves eventually….;-)

    • Zlata

      Definitely 🙂

  3. kathy housand schrieber

    any tips on how to slur notes when you have a string change? That is hard to do fluently for me!

  4. johnny

    well i like her videos except the carol of bells i am 13 years old i am a violinist because of you.

    • Zlata

      That’s so wonderful!


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