Improve your Bowing Technique on the Violin

Master your violin bow and create a beautiful sound.

Free violin lessons that teach you how to bow smoothly, make fluent bow changes and master different bowing techniques, so you can play the music you love beautifully.

Classical violinist Zlata reveals the secrets behind bowing and tone creation, so beginner, intermediate and advanced violinists can get their violin playing to the next level and create a professional sound.

Practice Finger Bowing to Bow Smoothly | Violin Lounge TV #241

This episode is about the exercise ‘finger bowing’. It will help you bow more smoothly en make a beautiful sound on the violin!

Beginners tend to bow mainly with their lower arm without much movement in their wrist and fingers creating the typical beginner sound. Your body will always do what’s easiest based on movements you are familiar with. However, these movements from daily life aren’t always the best for creating a beautiful tone on the violin.

How to Bow Comfortably and Fluently (with Arthritis or Fibromyalgia) | Violin & Viola TV #205

The bow hold that is optimal for your sound and playing technique, is a very strange hold. If you do this in a tensed way, your muscles can’t do it very long. Every beginner, certainly if you have arthritis or fibromyalgia, should work on the movement in the bow hold instead of focussing on keeping a strained hold.

In the video I demonstrate the effortless movement of using your wrist and fingers as a spring system. Violin playing shouldn’t cost a lot of effort in a short time. It should be refined, fluent and relaxed. In the end of the video I show you a jellyfish exercise.