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Practice bowing with just your fingers to learn smooth professional bowing, play fast runs with ease and sound great on the violin:

Do you desire to sound better on the violin and bow smoothly like a professional violinist?

The problem a lot of violin players have is that they bow just with their arm. Making specific movements with your wrist and fingers makes it a lot easier to bow straight, makes your bow changes seamless and improves your sound a lot. Your violin and bow can keep resonating.

Finger bowing

If you do just ONE violin bowing exercise, do this:

Try bowing with just your fingers. At first it will make scratchy sounds and the movement might be jerky. Lots of violinists then bow with their wrist, but make sure to keep your wrist still.

If you find it hard to do with the violin and bow, do this exercise first with a pencil to train the needed motor skills.

Practice slowly while correcting yourself. It makes no sense to do many repeats with a wrong bow hold or while making jerky or the wrong movements.

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  1. Rae-ann Heinrich

    thanks Zlata. I don’t have much time lately to spend with my violin but the pencil practice is a great idea–provided I have a pencil!!

    • Zlata

      Definitely works!


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