Are you new to playing the violin or viola? Or do you want to update your basics?

Please find below some videos to help you right now and start to play the violin…

How Hard is it to Start Playing the Violin, Viola or Cello as an Adult

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-04 om 15.52.51What goals are realistic for you and what goals are not?

Find out of it’s possible for you to start playing the violin or viola. The answer will positively surprise you! You will learn you even have some advantages above a child when learning to play the violin.



How to Hold Your Violin or Viola in a Comfortable and Relaxed Way?

violin holdThe way you hold your violin is vital for producing a beautiful tone and playing effortlessly.

This video shows you exactly how to build up a relaxed and comfortable violin hold yourself.

It also explains the ‘why’ of this bow hold.



How to Hold Your Violin or Viola Bow?

bow holdYour bow hold is the foundation of your bowing technique.

The bow is to the violinist what the breath and voice is to the singer.

Holding your bow in the right way will improve your tone. Besides that you will learn that there is not one fixed bow hold, it’s more a ‘motion’ than a ‘hold’.


How to Stop Your Violin or Viola from Squeaking

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-19 om 11.59.49When you are just getting started, you will be surprised by the strange sounds your violin or viola can make.

In this video you learn how to prevent and stop these squeaking and scratching sounds, so you can focus on the music you make and create a beautiful tone.



The First Notes and Scales You Learn on the Violin (why those sharps?)

Schermafbeelding 2014-06-27 om 14.31.56How to play your first scales?

What are the first fingerings you learn on the violin?

Why do you learn so many sharps when you are just getting started?

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