Feel your left pinky is too short for violin playing? Here’s the solution! | Violin Lounge TV #415

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99% chance that the problem is not the length of your pinky, but the hold of your left hand

This lesson will solve that problem for you and give you another solution in case your pinky REALLY is too small:

A lot of beginner violinists struggle with the fourth finger and feel their pinky is too short

The solution is to adjust your left hand hold

The more you embrace the violin with your hand, let the fingers come from above and align your knuckles with the neck of the violin, the easier it will be to reach the fourth finger.

As every hand is different, it might take you a while to find the hold that works for you. Give it time!

Etude books I recommend for finger independence and fourth finger strength:

Hans Sitt

Henry Schradieck

Other helpful video lessons for you:

Watch this lesson about finger independence to train your finger and especially your pinky.

Improve your violin hold and posture in general with this video lesson.

Is your pinky REALLY too short?

Here’s a 7/8 sized violin I recommend as a violin teacher.

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  1. Binah Delille

    Hello Zlata

    Trank you for this video.

    Also I have another question. Everytime I have to play the fourth finger before the Third one in a half step pattern always there is bad tone with the third finger.
    What can I do for that

    Thank you


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