How to tune your violin as a beginner violinist | Violin Lounge TV #515

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Easy guide to tune a violin with my free online violin tuner

Learn to use the finetuners and the pegs for violin tuning

Learning to tune your violin properly is extremely important

If your violin is not in tune, how do you expect to be able to play in tune?!

How to tune your violin with an electronic tuner

Play the A string with the violin bow

I highly recommend playing the note over-plucking because when plucking, the pitch changes slightly, and therefore the tuner might not get an accurate read on the pitch (and your violin might not be tuned correctly!). Playing the note helps your tuner get a more accurate read on the pitch.

Watch the needle on the tuner

If the needle is right in the middle, congratulations, your string is perfectly in tune and you can move on to the next string. However, if the needle is pointing towards the left, the string is too low and needs to be raised, and if the needle is pointing to the right, then the string is too high and needs to be lowered. The tuner should also display the correct letter name of the string you’re tuning. If the letter name is incorrect, it’s highly likely that the violin is significantly out of tune and needs adjusting by the pegs.

For example, if you’re trying to tune your A string but you’re seeing a G (or F, or E…) then your string is much too low; and by contrast, if you’re trying to tune your A string but you’re seeing a B (or C or D…) then your string is much too high.

Adjust the fine tuners and/or pegs as I show in the video.
Repeat on all strings.

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