How to practice rhythms with a metronome as a beginner violinist | Violin Lounge TV #517

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Learn to play the rhythms and note values in sheet music with my free online metronome

When you first attempt to play different rhythms and note values with the metronome it can seem that it only makes things harder

However, when you get yourself used to playing note values with the metronome, it can be enormously helpful to develop your violin playing.

Practicing with the metronome can be helpful to:

  • doing an effective scale warm up in which you don’t rush
  • learning an etude and building up the tempo
  • tackle fast runs in a piece you play
  • learning a new piece of music you love faster

My free online metronome right here not only gives you the beats for a certain tempo, but you can use subdivision. This means that you practice different note values: quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes. Besides that you can practice triplets and different punctuated rhythms. Also the metronome allows to practice more complex rhythms like syncopation, three against two and transitions between normal eighth notes and triplets.

Happy practicing!

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