FREE Violin Lesson #41 Allegro op 22F by Edward Elgar

by | May 10, 2023 | FREE Violin Lessons for Beginners, Repertoire, Start to Play | 2 comments

Performance and tutorial of this easy melodic exercise in the first position by Edward Elgar: beautiful classical melody for beginner violinists.

Learn this beautiful, but easy, classical piece by Edward Elgar!

This piece will teach you different bowing techniques, amongst which a preliminary spiccato. 

You can download the sheet music of these six easy melodic exercises in the first position op 22 by Edward Elgar right here. Also, you’ll get a piano accompaniment track you can play at any speed.

This violin lesson is part of my FREE beginner course that takes you from scratch to playing your first violin concerto and beyond.

This is a complete course including videos, sheet music, violin tabs, and more.

You can join for free right here.

Let me know your biggest takeaway from this week’s lesson in the comments below!

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  1. Mary Reeley

    Great tutorial Zalta!

    • Zlata

      Thanks 🙂


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