Maintain your Violin

Maintenance and care tips to keep your violin and bow in a perfect condition

Learn to clean your violin and bow, tune your violin, replace strings, soap your pegs, tighten and rosin your bow and much more

What to do if the Air is to Humid for your Violin? | Violin Lounge TV # 239

Ideally the air humidity is between 40 to 60%. When the air is too moist for your violin, this has a negative effect on the sound. It can sound very nasal. Also it can damage the instrument, for example by mold.

To keep your violin in a good condition and maintain it’s beautiful sound, you should take care of the humidity and temperature in your practice room or in your violin case.

How to Rehair a Violin Bow | Violin Lounge TV #237

Last week I’ve visited the Czech Republic to attend a 3 day workshop with the violin makers and bow makers who deliver instruments and bows for my violin shop in Holland. I learned a lot about adjustment of violins, what determines the sound, how to recognize good quality wood and a lot more.

During my visit with the bow makers, I’ve captured a bow maker rehairing a bow. I hope you find it just as interesting and meditative to watch it as I did.

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