How to Set Up a NEW Violin you Bought Online | Violin Unboxing | Violin Lounge TV #404

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Disappointed in that cheap violin you bought online?

Here’s how to make it ready to play and finally get started:

Watch my beginner’s guide to setting up your violin for the first time!

Video content:

00:26 Set up the bridge: detailed beginner guide
05:07 Tune your violin and wind the strings in a way that improves the tuning stability
07:59 Tighten your violin bow
10:23 Rosin your violin bow

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  1. Mary Ann

    Thank you so much for making the video explaining how to set up a violin purchased online. The tips were exactly what a violin newbie needs to know!

  2. kathryn schrieber

    I have one of these violin shaped objects, my bridge doesn’t have a high or low side, does it matter if the “belly” is pointing to the fingerboard or towards the tailpiece?

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      If the bridge isn’t cut in a proper way, then place it as good as it goes even if it’s not according to the ‘rules’.


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