How to Set Up a NEW Violin you Bought Online | Violin Unboxing | Violin Lounge TV #404

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Disappointed in that cheap violin you bought online?

Here’s how to make it ready to play and finally get started:

Watch my beginner’s guide to setting up your violin for the first time!

Video content:

00:26 Set up the bridge: detailed beginner guide
05:07 Tune your violin and wind the strings in a way that improves the tuning stability
07:59 Tighten your violin bow
10:23 Rosin your violin bow

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  1. Mary Ann

    Thank you so much for making the video explaining how to set up a violin purchased online. The tips were exactly what a violin newbie needs to know!

  2. kathryn schrieber

    I have one of these violin shaped objects, my bridge doesn’t have a high or low side, does it matter if the “belly” is pointing to the fingerboard or towards the tailpiece?

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      If the bridge isn’t cut in a proper way, then place it as good as it goes even if it’s not according to the ‘rules’.

  3. Sarah Rose

    You have a lot of interesting information on your webpage, but there is no mention of fees, length of commitment, etc. Please advise.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Well, there are hundreds of free lessons, masterclasses and articles on this site without fee or commitment. Also the freebies you can get when you subscribe for e-mails are ‘no strings attached’ and can be cancelled anytime. In case you’d like to hire me as your teacher, all the details (tuition etc) can be found on this page.



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