How to make your VIOLIN PEGS MOVE when they’re stuck? | Violin Lounge TV #408

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Maintenance | 10 comments

Fix your slipping violin pegs or make them run smoothly when they’re stuck with my tips

Learn to wind your strings and soap your pegs:

First I’ll explain how to fix a peg that is stuck. When you got it loose again, perhaps it starts slipping and you can’t tune. By winding the strings in a proper way and applying peg soap or chalk, your violin will be easy to tune and stay in tune.

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Are you here, because you bought a violin online and want to set it up?

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Easy way to tune your violin

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  1. Patricia Bargh

    Thank you for that – my G String snapped the other day and the new strings arrived today and I managed to replace the G string successfully but am now having problems tuning in the A string as the key slips after I turn it, in the same way the G did. I gave up but tomorrow will try again and make sure the strings and keys are positioned as you have shown. So thank you for telling us about that. Very useful!


  2. Hloni


  3. Siddhanth

    I am having some difficulty in fixing my violin strings…
    I have a violin but I am not able to play because the string is out

  4. charles rauscher

    Thank you Zlata. This is good information. Since my violin is relatively new, I have not had a problem with the pegs, however, as with any instrument, things loosen up with age and use. Now I know what to do if a problem arises. Maintenance and care are extremely important.
    Thank you again.

  5. Herbert

    Hallo Zlata, please give me some Information how to get your Carbon bows. Where I can find how much they cost?
    With best regards,


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