How to Replace your Violin Strings (close up and detailed) | Violin Lounge TV #419

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This video shows you exactly how to change a broken violin string yourself step by step

It’s close up, so you can follow along easily

Video content:

  • 00:57 Replace the G string
  • 01:07 Soap or chalk your pegs. Buy peg soap here.
  • 01:16 Clean the fingerboard. Buy fingerboard oil here.
  • 02:14 Replace the D string
  • 02:42 Tip: Make sure the string is not twisted
  • 02:55 Replace the A string
  • 03:05 Tip: Keep tuning the strings you just replaced
  • 03:29 Placing the string in an integrated finetuner
  • 03:45 What to do when the peg slips
  • 03:51 Tip: Straighten the bridge in between tuning
  • 04:06 Replace the E string
  • 04:33 Integrated finetuner shown from the side
  • 04:52 Placing the bridge protector correctly
  • 05:05 Tip: Keep tuning!
  • 05:15 Fix a slipping peg
  • 05:25 Clean your violin. Buy cleaning fluid here.
  • 05:52 Voila!
  • 06:05 Wittner integrated finetuners
  • 06:20 Tip: Use pencil on the bridge

Hi! I'm Zlata

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Guide to buying violin strings

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  1. Lyle Knebel

    Very helpful in many ways. Thank you!

    • Zlata

      Happy to help!

  2. dennis nietenhoefer

    thank you–very helpful

  3. dennis nietenhoefer

    i am an intermediate violin player–looking for the warmest sounding strings

    • Zlata

      Have you tried Pirastro Obligato?


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