How to Tune your Violin as a Beginner

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As a beginning violinist you can tune your violin yourself!

It’s important to play on an instrument that is in tune when you’re learning

There are two ways to adjust the pitch of your violin string

Small changes in pitch are made with the finetuners. For a beginner I recommend a tailpiece with four integrated finetuners, like the one Wittner makes (click here to buy).

Larger changes are made with the pegs. As they are not screws, but conic shaped smooth pieces of wood, you must apply some pressure with your hand while turning them. This requires some practice. In the video I share some tips.

For a beginner it’s hard to hear where the pitch should be.

That’s why I recommend my online violin tuner, my online viola tuner or the D’Addario Micro Tuner. The last one is handy device that shows you if the pitch should be lower and higher. This is really the easiest way to tune. Click here to buy one. In the video I demonstrate how you can tune your violin with it.

The most accurate way to tune your violin is to use an old fashioned tuning fork

Although it might be a bit difficult for beginners, I teach you exactly how in this video.



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  1. Jeff

    This is Jeff I am one of your beginner students I live in the US love your video have fiddlerman concert violin coming soon like the sound of hope it is everything the reviews says it is been playing off and on for a couple years did belong to a classical group for awhile anyway was wondering what can you come up with for me as far as a practice routine I need something I can follow as a good guide in front of me to follow or go by thank you your violin student Jeff

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Hi Jeff, congrats on your new violin! Already discovered my beginner course that takes you step by step from scratch to playing your first concerto right here?

  2. Alodia A. Igloso

    Hello Zlata,
    I’m a 48 years old . A mother of two teenagers. I would love to know how to play a violin . Do I have any chance to learn?

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Yes, certainly, as long as you make time for it and practice consistently. I think you’ll love my free beginner course right here.

  3. Harry

    Hi, my name is Harry and I am 78years young, what chance gave I to learn correctly how to play this instrument? I have arthritis in hands which make it difficult to find the right place for the notes, so far have self taught

    • Zlata

      If you’re realistic about your goals, for example to play some simple tunes, you can definitely have a lot of joy from the violin at any age. As some of my older-younger students says ‘if you ain’t dead you can learn anything’.

  4. Elias

    Hi, I’m your new student! I’m undecided as to whether to start with the regular violin or the 5 string violin. I like to concept of more posibilites for lower notes and extended range of scales of the 5 string. However, that is just a concept I have in mind becase in practice I don’t have a solid experience in violin or music. what’s your verdict on the 5 string?

    • Zlata

      If you’re playing music that requires that extra range, go for it! However, if you want to play written music, know that there’s hardly any music written for 5 string violin.


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