What to do if the Air is to Humid for your Violin? | Violin Lounge TV # 239

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Ideally the air humidity is between 40 to 60%. When the air is too moist for your violin, this has a negative effect on the sound. It can sound very nasal. Also it can damage the instrument, for example by mold.

To keep your violin in a good condition and maintain it’s beautiful sound, you should take care of the humidity and temperature in your practice room or in your violin case.

The first step is to measure the humidity. That’s why a lot of violin cases have a hygrometer in them. However, some cases don’t have one and some hygrometers don’t work. Click here to buy a separate hygrometer.

To make the air in your violin case dryer, consider putting some dehumidifier bags in it, like this one (click here).

To make the air in your room dryer, consider getting a dehumidifier like this one (click here).

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  1. Ian Brockman

    I thought the ideal humidity for one’s violin was almost totally dependent on the violin itself. The luthier I see said atmospheric moisture content is the biggest aspect of weather violins are responsive to; and some prefer wet while some prefer dry. I can say from experience, my violin much prefers humidity, as it resonates the most in weather that is very humid or rainy (I live in a climate with extremely humid summers). On days that do not match these conditions, I have to use a dampit with water as warm as I can tolerate to get the same resonance out of it.
    Thank you for the resources, Zlata! I have found them very useful to further my playing.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      You’re most welcome, Ian, thanks for pointing out that the ideal humidity can differ per instrument, because that’s absolutely true!



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