You can save yourself that expensive rehair

Improve the response of your violin bow by cleaning the hair yourself

In this video I demonstrate and explain how to clean your violin bow hair and stick accompanied by beautiful and relaxing classical music 🙂

When do you clean your violin bow?

You clean your violin bow when it looks dirty. Often the bow hair gets dirty near the frog. When your bow slips over the strings without a good sound and more rosin doesn’t work, it helps to clean the bow hair.

When do you need to rehair your bow?

If the response of your bow is bad, cleaning the hair is most of the times the solution. You only need to rehair your bow when there are too many hairs broken. 

How do you clean the bow stick?

In daily use you clean the stick with a dry cloth to take off rosin remains. When this doesn’t work, you can clean the stick with a cleaner. You just need a couple of drops. Make sure you don’t spill cleaner on your bow hair. Click here to get a good cleaner and cloth for your violin and bow.

How do you clean the bow hair?

Turn the screw all the way to the left, so you can take out the screw and the frog. Dip a toothbrush in alcohol and comb through the bow hair to remove rosin remains and other dirty stuff. In the video I show how to do this. Make sure you don’t spill alcohol on your bow stick or your violin.

When you’re done, remove the alcohol with a dry cloth and leave the bow hair to dry. When the bow hair has dried completely, put back the frog and the screw. Rosin your bow and you’re ready to go!

How was your experience with cleaning your violin bow?

Share in the comments below how it went and what difference you noticed in the playability of your bow. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask them. I’d love to hear from you!

Featured in this video:

Zlata’s round Arcus S9 violin bow, a cleaner and cloth and Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold rosin (my favorite!). The background music was the Larghetto from Serenade for Strings opus 22 in E Major by Antonín Dvořák performed by the Advent Chamber Orchestra.