A good violin or viola and bow in good condition are an absolute MUST to be able to play beautifully.

Take good care of your violin or viola and bow, so you can play beautifully with ease.

Please find below some videos to help you right now with the maintenance of your violin or viola…

How To Soap the Pegs of Your Violin or Viola (and make it easy to tune)

Perhaps you recognize this: when you tune your violin or viola with the tuning pegs, sometimes they squeak or don’t run smoothly or run too smoothly. This can indicate that it’s time to soap the pegs.

In this video I teach you how to soap the pegs of your violin or viola, so tuning will be easier and faster.


How (and when?) To Replace the Strings of Your Violin or Viola

This video is about how to replace the strings on your violin or viola.

First I will explain when you need to replace your strings. Averagely for amateurs is to replace the strings about once a year.

Why should you replace your strings regularly and not wait until they snap? When your strings are old and/or damaged, this affects the stability of your intonation. The string seems to waddle in tone and you will play out of tune. It also effects the quality of the tone in a negative way.

What Tailpiece and How Many Fine Tuners Should You Have on Your Violin or Viola?

You might be wondering why some violinists and violists have one fine tuner, others two and some even four.What is the difference? What should you choose? Which tailpiece should you pick?

I’ve just discovered shortly that the choice of fine tuners and tailpiece makes a big difference in the sound of your violin or viola. 

In this episode of Violin Lounge TV, I give you the complete guide to fine tuners and tailpieces.


How To Rosin Your Violin or Viola Bow

It’s personal how often and how much you rosin your bow. Some people rosin a little, but often. Some people rosin a lot when they do, but they don’t rosin often. Some people (like me) like to rosin just a little bit, others like to have a lot of rosin on their bow.

There are some things that are important when rosining your bow. Learn all about it in this video.


How To Clean Your Violin or Viola Bow

In this video I teach you several ways to clean your violin bow.

Tighten your bow, put a clean dry cloth between the wood (or carbon) and hair and wipe the rosin remains of.

This is enough to do weekly and keep your bow nice and clean.

If you want to clean your bow more thoroughly, you can use a special fluid for stringed instruments.

How To Clean Your Violin or Viola

Take good care of your little musical friend!

In this video I will show you how to clean your violin or viola.

It will show you what to do daily to the thoroughly yearly clean.



Why Vacuum Clean Your Violin or Viola Case

What is Zlata doing with a vacuum cleaner in this video?

A lot of hairs, dust and dirt gather in your violin case when using it.

Vermin (wood worms) can get into your violin and eat it alive!

If you don’t want your violin to be eaten by wood worms, you might consider cleaning your violin case once in a while.

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