Are you longing to finally learn vibrato on the violin?

It’s the holy grail of violin and viola playing and makes your tone so much more beautiful.

Please find below some videos to help you right now…

5 Exercises to Learn Vibrato on the Violin or Viola

5 vibratoWould you like to learn vibrato?

Just trying to imitate other violinists or violists is NOT the way to learn vibrato.

Watch this video with 5 little exercises that DO get you the results you like.


Should You Use a Narrow or Wide Vibrato on the Violin or Viola?

narrow or wide vibWhy do you see different kinds of vibrato with different violinists and different pieces?

When to use what kind of vibrato? Narrow, wide, fast, slow?

How to train yourself to be able to do all these types of vibrato and apply them exactly on the right moment?

Watch this video and I will give you some tips and exercises.

Can it be Too Early to Start Learning Vibrato? Yes!

early vibratoIt might be so tempting to start learning vibrato as soon as possible.

However… Did you know starting too early can ruin your technique?

Watch this video to find out what is a good moment to start learning vibrato.

Should You Use Arm, Wrist or Finger Vibrato? Or all of them?

arm wrist or finger vibratoAre you confused by the three types of vibrato?

How can you pick between these three types and develop your very own vibrato style?

Watch this video and learn! ;)

How To Use Vibrato in High Positions on the Violin and Viola

vibrato highHow to use vibrato in higher positions?

In high positions there are three differences versus normal vibrato: the proportion vs the string length, the position of your hand and the freedom of movement.

Watch the video in which I explain why and demonstrate everything.

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