Can it be Too Early to Start Learning Vibrato? Yes!

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Learn Vibrato | 4 comments

In this episode I comment on a video sent in by a viewer who wants to improve her vibrato as a beginner violinist

I’ll teach you how to loosen up your wrist, so you can create a beautiful sounding vibrato and control it’s tempo

tarting with vibrato

A lot of students really want to start with vibrato because with vibrato you can really color the tone nice and warm. In this video I talk about when you can start with it and when it is too early because that can damage your technique.

When can I start with vibrato?

You start with vibrato if you can play quite in tune in the first position with several frames, so a high second finger a low second finger. If you can play that in tune and if you are just about to start playing in positions. Or just after you start playing in positions. Why? Because the movement that you make with vibrato is a little bit like position changes. So if you can learn them at the same time that is great. Also at this moment, you are already playing quite in tune in the first positions otherwise you wouldn’t step up in playing in positions.

If you start with vibrato too early, it can ruin your intonation.

Because if your intonation in the first position is not very stable and you are playing with vibrato then you really don’t know where you are. If it is already like ‘oh I am searching it a bit’ and you can cover things up with vibrato, then you really don’t know where you are. So I really would not start with it too early unless you really like to play with vibrato. Just take some time and really take the right moment because the results in the end will be better. I hope this video is useful to you: start with vibrato at the right time.

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  1. Jona

    Some thinks learned early on is better. Is vibrato something that one should start as soon as one is ready . Or even after 4 years of playing is not too late?

    • Zlata

      It’s not too late at 4 years, but why wait?

  2. Naomi

    I am working on your violin beginner lessons, I am on the eleventh lesson. Is it too early to learn vibrato?

    • Zlata

      I would first get more proficient in the first position.


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