Should You Use Arm, Wrist or Finger Vibrato? Or all of them?

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Learn Vibrato | 1 comment

Are you confused by the three types of vibrato?

How can you pick between these three types and develop your very own vibrato style?

Today I got a question about vibrato: Hi Zlata, I am a new viewer. I am having trouble with my vibrato. I sometimes switch between arm and wrist vibrato because each has its benefits to me. I decided to stick with wrist vibrato. I was wondering if you could do a video on wrist vibrato?

I just recorded a video with 5 exercises for vibrato, click here to see my video about this. Then you can at least see the five exercises in that video. In this video I would like to talk about what you mention: ‘I sometimes switch between arm and wrist vibrato because each has its benefits to me.’ Why do you switch between them? Why just don’t you use them both? Actually there are three kinds of vibrato.

Three kinds of vibrato

  1. Finger vibrato
    2. Wrist vibrato, which some call hand vibrato
    3. Arm vibrato

But if you look at what people do, then mostly people just find a combination between these three. Some use like 50% arm vibrato and 30% wrist vibrato and maybe 10% finger vibrato, so you can play with that. So you don’t have to use these types of vibrato separately. Your results will even be better if you can just find your own way and just see how it sounds and experiment with it so you can make your own combination of finger, wrist and arm vibration. They are all important and very useful to study on. So I would really recommend you to find a combination and not to stick with one type of vibration. Just practice them all and try to combine them in a way. You can find all of the exercises in this video. So don’t stick with one way of vibrato and in combination with the exercises it will really improve your vibrato. Please let me know in the comments below if it helped!



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Click here to see my video with vibrato exercises.


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