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by | Jul 22, 2016 | Learn Vibrato | 6 comments

You can do these silent vibrato exercises on the road and on holiday.

You can practice your vibrato wherever and whenever you want without your violin and without making sound.

I know lots of students have a hard time scheduling their practice sessions, so it’s handy to know some exercises you can do outside of your practice room to improve your vibrato skills.

In this video I demonstrate the exercises with a violin, but you can do the same exercise with a stick or with whatever you have at hand.

Vibrato exercise 1: Big Siren

You move your finger fluently up and down on the whole string while also moving your lower arm and wrist. You have to have one or more fingers on the string. This exercise is also good for improving position changes.

Vibrato exercise 2: Small Siren

This is the same exercise as the big siren, but the movement is smaller and you keep your left thumb on the same spot of the violin neck.

Vibrato exercise 3: Vibrato without bowing

Make an actual vibrato motion with each finger on each string without bowing. If you don’t have your violin at hand, you can practice the same motion on a stick, on a table or something else. With this exercise you can focus fully on the vibrato movement without having to coordinate your bowing.

Vibrato exercise 4: Egg shaker

Practice the vibrato movement in your wrist using an egg shaker that you move in the same direction as you should move while doing vibrato. Click here to buy egg shakers!

I hope these exercises will come in handy, when it’s not the right time or place to practice with your violin.

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  1. Hunter

    Hi, thanks for putting this video together. It’ a great idea and I’d really like to master these exercises.
    I am sitting here with my violin trying to learn the exercises and I am finding that your demonstration is very short of each exercise. Could you talk more about the actual wrist and finger movements? Could you slowly do the exercises while talking about exactly what your wrist is doing? how it is moving? where the movements start and stop? For me to really learn these exercises from a video I would need more detail.
    Thank you so much for you work – Hunter

  2. Martine Cardichon

    What about silent arm vibrato exercises?

  3. Hendriëtta

    Your videos are so helpful! I really like them. I am practising vibrato right now, but I can’t do it very well, but I’m trying to succeed in it and your videos really help me to do it better. Thank you so much for this! Love you . . .



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