Vibrato with the First Finger | Violin Lounge TV #238

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Learn Vibrato | 4 comments

This episode is how to do vibrato with your first finger on the violin.

I’ve already made quite some general videos about vibrato (click here), a specific video about fourth finger vibrato (click here) and even a complete video course ‘Free your Vibrato’ for the Violin Lounge Academy. However, a lot of violinists struggle with vibrato with the first finger specifically.

There is a trick to make a beautiful vibrato with your first finger.

You might have learned that your first finger, your index finger, must be in contact with the neck of the violin constantly. The violin rests partly in the base knuckle of your first finger. This is not entirely true. If you are playing for a while and are ready to learn vibrato, you can create some distance between the neck of your violin and your first finger. This makes your first finger free to move. The space shouldn’t be large: even a couple of millimeters can be enough. In the video I show you how. If your first finger is free to move, you can make a beautiful vibrato.


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  1. Yael Sauzedde

    That was helpful, thank you.
    I’m on exercise #10 in your Free Your Vibrato series, and I had been wondering about the first finger. I’m glad you explained this in more detail.

  2. Annika

    Hi Zlata! The first finger vibrato help is good! What if I want to be more specific and do it in half position? (So Eb vibrato on the D string)

    • Zlata

      That’s also great to practice.


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