Why your VIOLIN VIBRATO suddenly STOPS working when you play a piece | Violin Lounge TV #379

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So you’ve learned vibrato… and you’ve learned your music… but now your vibrato suddenly fails!?

Here are some practice tips:

Why is it so hard to apply your vibrato in the music you play?

Learning vibrato from scratch?

Check out these free violin lessons all about vibrato.

Learning vibrato on the violin is just the first step. You can do vibrato when you focus on just that.

The next step is to automate your vibrato, so you can focus on the music while doing vibrato.

Certainly in a new piece, your focus must be on the piece and your vibrato should almost run on autopilot. That’s of course except for the nuances in your vibrato that give your piece expression.

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Hi! I'm Zlata

Classical violinist helping you overcome technical struggles and play with feeling by improving your bow technique.

Here’s the REAL reason why we play violin etudes

Etudes close the gap between the new techniques you learn and pieces. They put technique in a musical context.

After you practiced vibrato on long notes in different tempi and rhythms, these etudes could be helpful:

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  1. Mathilde

    One tip I got from the 100 dollar course by Perlman: always use vibrato in a musical way, and never never out of laziness. He meant something like: if you are good at vibrato with the third finger and bad with vibrato with the fourth vinger, don’t be tempted to use only vibrato on the notes that you play with the third finger. But choose the notes because of their function in the musical line. I had to say, this was quite revealing for me: I noticed in etudes, that I indeed did not pick the notes on which to do vibrato out of musical reasons, but because of automatism to do always vibrato on long notes with the second and third finger. I did not even notice. Two-set also spoke once about that.

  2. Daniel Tucker Lizzama

    Dear Ms. Zlata,

    Your tutorials are astonishing! You are a “Virtuoso” violinist.

  3. Joyce

    Hi Zlata,

    Ik vraag me af: ik zie jou in de zeer langzame vibrato (met diverse tempi), de beweging naar je toe gericht maken. Elders vertelde een juf mij dat je de beweging naar voren gericht maakt (alsof je op een deur klopt). Ik krijg deze beweging er overigens niet goed in; het kost me veel kracht onder m’n kin en vingers.
    Kan je wat meer vertellen over hoe jij de beweging van vibrato nu aandrijft?

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Er zijn verschillende manieren om vibrato te benaderen en het ‘deur kloppen’ is één van de vele oefeningen die je kunt doen. Denken in ‘up up up’ bewegingen kan soms ook helpen. Denk hierbij vanuit je vingertop. Hier kun je al mijn video’s over vibrato vinden.


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