CodaBow Carbon Fiber Violin Bow Review | Violin Lounge TV #325

by | Sep 25, 2019 | 4 comments

Discover which violin bow is best for you with this extensive review video of the CodaBow Diamond NX, Diamond GX and Marquise.

CodaBow violin bows are one of the most popular carbon bows out there. With so many different types, how do you know which is a good fit for you?

It is a combination of the bright and clear sound, as well as the response that makes CodaBow violin bows a favorite. In this video, Concert violinist Giedrė and I are going to demonstrate and review the three most popular types of CodaBow’s so you can decide the best one for you!

CodaBow Diamond NX

Upon playing the Diamond NX appears to be more of a student bow. It is a bit heavier and more difficult to manage in advanced bowing techniques. On the other side it’s really secure in legato bowing. This bow also seemed a little less balanced compared to the Diamond GX and the Marquise.

CodaBow Diamond GX

The Diamond GX is more of a performance bows and demonstrates a very clear sound and with nice jumping to it. It’s very versatile.

CodaBow Marquise

Similar to the Diamond GX, the Marquise is more of a performance bow. Not only do we love the more traditional wooden bow appearance but it has a brighter and cleaner sound than the other bows.

So if you already have a good quality performance bow such as the Diamond GX, is it worth the upgrade to the Marquise?

As demonstrated you can clearly hear the brighter sound compared to the other bows. So think about the difference it could make with the violin you are using. If you hear a major change in sound between the two bows, why wouldn’t you want to upgrade?

So even though there is a higher price of approximately $400 associated with this bow, given the overall sound improvement we consider this to be a worth while upgrade!


Let us know in the comments which CodaBow you think would be the best fit for you!

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  1. Sydnie Dickison

    I have the GX. In a blind test between the GX and the Marquise the GX won hands down.

  2. Jonas Sääv

    There is more to it than the difference in sound between the GX and the Marquise. I find the balance and handling quite different between the two. The GX is stiffer and less supple than the GS. I know that both these bows are for experienced players, but a beginner that can afford a GX will be able to handle it fine after a while, but the GS belongs to another league. It’s very supple and responds to the tiniest movement in the hand and calls for a refined bowing technique. I have played violin less than a year, and I can handle the GX quite well, even with of string bowing, but the GS… not.

    • Zlata

      Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂


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