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Can get a decent bow for under $100? Check out my review of this Fiddlerman Weave violin bow to find out!

At first glance the bow looks quite traditional with it’s dark brown almost black color. You will also see the slight grain of the carbon fiber. The overall finish of the bow is very nice.

Let’s talk about control

Once I began playing, I noticed it’s stiffer which makes it easier to translate from your hands to the bow.

While jumping it feels slightly unstable so the more you jump the less control you may have. It’s really about finding a balance.

In general the response is great and it is quite easy to control.

How does it sound?

Mainly the sound is on the bright side. The bow produces full, wide open sounds with a bit of mellowness to it. You will still hear the sound going over the string but in this price range the sound is just right.

So do I think this is the best bow you can get for under a $100?


This is a great choice if you are looking to upgrade your bow from a less expensive starter bow.

What do you think about the playability and the sound? Let me know in the comments below!


Here’s what the says:

    • Hand-finished Carbon Fiber Weave/Braided Violin Bow
    • Weighs approximately 60-62 grams
    • Quality Siberian Horse Hair
    • Nicely Decorated Copper Mounted Ebony Frog
    • Great Balance and Weight Distribution
    • Nice Arch with Good Bounce and Action
  • The Fiddlerman bows were created to OUTPERFORM any bows in the same price range, satisfaction guaranteed! This bow is much better than any inexpensive Pernambuco violin bow!
  • This Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave Violin Bow is manufactured to replicate the perfect weight and curve of an expensive Pernambuco wood bow. Anything short of a quality wood bow will most likely not give you the right weight distribution or curve.
  • This is the PERFECT violin bow upgrade if you have purchased any beginner or intermediate violin outfit.


Most valued features:

  • Price
  • Stiffness
  • Balance
  • Bounce
  • Sound quality

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