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How to fluently change strings with the same finger on one string to the other string

For example to go from a third finger on the D string to a third finger on the A string

In this video I explain how you can move your finger from one string to the other without lifting it:

To seamlessly go from one note to the other, the trick is to NOT lift your finger.

There are two ways to string changing with the same finger:

1) Put your finger on two strings at the same time

This is the same technique you use for playing fifths. Place your finger on two strings in a way that both notes sound in tune. You can check this with a double stop.

A trick to make this work is to imagine a spot between the two strings.

The advantage is that there is no movement and a fluent string change is easier to achieve.

2) Slide your finger from one string to the other during the string crossing

If your finger tip is small, the fifth grip might be challenging. You can slide your finger to the other string. Doing this you lift your finger just a little bit, but you keep contact with the string. This is a very small movement otherwise you don’t get a seamless string change.

You can do this with your lower arm or just with your hand. I prefer to do this with my hand only, because it gives stability.

Different violinists do this in different ways. Try all ways out and see what works best for you. I’d love to read your experience in the comments below.

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  1. M.A.P.

    Was the video not included in this free tutorial?

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Yes, but there was a technical error and the video didn’t show. It’s fixed now. Can you check if you can see the video? Thanks for noticing, Marie!

  2. Karen A. Lupo

    this info was was useful, thank you so much!


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