Bow like a pro to create a powerful tone, a thousand colors and a beautiful sound on the violin.

When a violin would be a singer, the violin would be the lungs and the bow would be the mouth and voice.

Please find below some videos to help you right now…

How to Play ‘In the String’ with Weight and without Tension

What is bowing in the string exactly and how can you recognize it?

When you don’t bow into the string, you are wiping over the strings with your bow. This causes an empty and thin sound without core.

When you bow into the string, you use the spring system of your strings, bow and arm to get a fuller sound with a core.

You can hear when you play in the string and when not.

This video shows you exactly how to do this in a relaxed way.

How to Make Your Bow Jump on Purpose (Spiccato)

Making your bow jump on purpose is called ‘spiccato’. With spiccato you can create different sound effects.

This video will teach you how to study spiccato, how to hold your bow, what part of the bow jumps effortlessly and how to move your fingers.

Step by step you will learn to perform spiccato and improve it after that.


How To Train Your Pinky to Play Violin and Viola (left and right pinky) [Pinky Training Program]

Do you have difficulties with smooth bowing, because your pinky is to weak to do the work?

Yes, your pinky really need be well trained to be able to bow like a pro.

Ok, let’s get those pinkies into my Pinky Training Program!

In this video I share exercises to train the strength and flexibility of your pinky.

How To (and should you) Bow Straight on the Violin or Viola?

Why should you bow straight? What is the difference in sound it makes?

When shouldn’t you bow straight?

How to bow straight?

Watch this video and learn!

How To Make Your Bowing Jazzy, Swingy and with a Bite?

How to bow in such a way that your bowing sounds jazzy, your sound swings and every bow stroke is with a bite?

How to read jazz rhythms and make it sound like jazz instead of like a Mozart sonata?

In this video I will give you some tips.


How to Lose Your Fear of the Frightful Frog

Let’s talk about a fobia lots of violin and viola players suffer from…

… the Fear of the Frightful Frog! (woooo)

How to lose your fear of the frog, play smoothly at the frog and discover all the sound colors your whole (!) bow can produce.

In this video I will share with you three exercises you can do to play better at the frog.

How to Hold Your Violin or Viola Bow?

How to hold your violin or viola bow?

I will explain this to you in this video and will give you a step-by-step way to build your own great relaxed and flexible bow hold with which you can make a beautiful tone on your violin or viola.

Also I will give you two exercises to make your bow hold flexible instead of rigid.

Do you enjoy these videos?

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