6 Advanced Violin Bow Technique Exercises | Violin Lounge TV #508

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Done with basic bow exercises? Improve your violin bowing technique with these exercises for intermediate to advanced violinists:

These violin bow exercises are not for beginners. I recommend getting familiar with my daily bow hand warm up first. If you notice that doesn’t offer any challenge anymore, you can move on to these more intermediate exercises.

Video content:

  • 00:17 Whipping bridge exercise
  • 00:47 Bridge exercise at the tip
  • 01:04 Bowing above the string
  • 01:35 Thibaud exercise
  • 02:20 Quarter bow exercise
  • 03:01 Collé up bows and down bows

Whipping bridge exercise

You might know the bridge exercise well in which you move the bow up and down just with your pinky. If you want extra challenge, do it with a fast whipping movement. This will ask more strength of your pinky. It only makes sense if you still have a relaxed bow hold and a curved pinky. Don’t force it.

Bridge exercise at the tip

This exercise is a favorite of Maxim Vengerov. Turn the bow around, hold it at the tip in the bow hold and perform the bridge exercise.

Bowing above the string

This one is like you’re faking it in an orchestra section if you didn’t practice your scores ;). Bow a couple of centimeters above the string and try to make fluent straight bow movements.

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Thibaud exercise

This is a well known exercise, but can offer challenge on all levels. Make a tiny up bow at the extreme frog and a tiny down bow and the extreme tip. Make an eight figure in the air in between. If done right, this is great for finger flexibility and bow control!

Quarter bow exercise

This is great for so many aspects of your bowing technique. Bow a quarter of the bow on a down bow and lift a finger every quarter.

Collé up bows and down bows

Collé is always great to practice finger flexibility and strength. Make sure you practice down bows as well as up bows.

Improve your violin bowing technique

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Which of these six violin bow exercises was most helpful to you?

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