FLYING STACCATO Violin Bowing Technique | Violin Lounge TV #458

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Bowing Technique | 4 comments

All about the violin bow technique flying staccato

Examples, symbols, tricks and step by step practice instructions

Get a beautiful clean and controlled flying staccato

Video lesson content:

  • 00:22 flying staccato vs solid staccato vs flying spiccato
  • 01:35 hack to learn flying staccato
  • 02:00 semi-passive bow technique
  • 02:29 place on the bow
  • 03:49 sheet music notation
  • 04:02 how to practice flying staccato
  • 04:35 example from Paganini’s 2nd violin concerto
  • 06:02 tilt the bow
  • 06:38 practice the run solid staccato in a low tempo
  • 06:53 practice with accents
  • 07:32 exaggerated practice
  • 08:30 play with proportions in flying staccato

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Performances featured in this video:

Paganini violin concerto no 2 by Tedi Papavrami 
Wieniawski Polonaise Brillante by Antal Zalai 
Mendelssohn violin concerto by Janine Jansen 

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  1. Gustavo

    HI Zlata,

    find this video very good and well done. Very interesting since I am learning Staccato and for long time never understood exactly how this works. I can’t wait to practice this beautiful technic.

    Thank you very much

    • Zlata

      Wonderful, Gustavo, I’m glad it’s helpful.

  2. Ann Marie

    Hello Zlata,
    Loved your video and am taking you up on your offer to help with other repertoire. We are playing the Lt. Kije suite. I wondered if you would comment on a particular passage. I’d like to know what technique to use (i.e., flying spiccato, etc) and how you would practice the technique. In our music it is in the third movement, Kije’s wedding, 13 measures after rehearsal #34 (measure 89 from beginning of movement in our music). Measure starts with an eighth note D followed by two sixteenth notes Cs and continues in a similar pattern. We are bowing the entire measure as follows: up down down down up updown down down up. So, what would you call this bow stroke and how would you prepare for it during individual practice time? Thank you!

    • Zlata

      Hi Ann Marie, from what you describe it sounds like it’s ricochet. As you’re also in Bow like a Pro, see the ricochet lesson inside Module 4. Also there are some Sevcik variations Vivien covered in Module 6 about Ricochet. That’s excellent preparation. If you want me to look further, please send me a link of a recording and I can look what bow technique it’s exactly as I haven’t played the piece you mention.


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