No 1 Mistake in Smooth Violin Bowing (+ how to fix) | Violin Lounge TV #514

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Bowing Technique | 6 comments

When you’re making all the right movements with your wrist and fingers, but still don’t have the sound you want, here’s how to fix:

You’re looking at your wrist and fingers and they seem to make all the right movements to bow smoothly on the violin, but you still don’t get the sound you desire.

The issue might be that you are indeed making the right movements, but they are not in sync with the movement of the bow. Maybe the movements are too big or too small or maybe the timing isn’t right.

In the video above I give you a simple exercise how to fix this. You hold the bow with the left hand in the angle it is when you’re playing violin and then you move your bow hand up and down the bow. 

Let the movement in your wrist and fingers depend on the line of the bow instead of forcing them.

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  1. David De Haan

    I find the root problem for smooth bowing lies in muscle tension. Unless the arm muscles from the shoulder to the fingers are relaxed, smooth flexibility is inhibited and good sound cannot happen. To overcome unwanted tensions it is most helpful to do some warm up stretches and then try to develop an awareness while playing of the when and where tension arise.

    • Zlata

      Yes, you’re right!

  2. Monique

    As a beginner, lacking confidence in reading the music, in maintaining the required rhythms in the music, of just knowing the music trying to play, generates much tension I do not even realize is there as I am so focused on these tasks, and then it sounds not very good. I know…practice, practice…

    • Zlata

      Yes, it’s getting used to it. There are many different aspects to focus on at the same time. Make sure you also learn some things by heart, so you can focus fully on playing.

  3. Geoffrey

    It really helps, sometimes when am playing my violin my bow move away from the right position

    • Zlata



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