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Two short and sweet exercises that will help you get more control over your bow and bow smoothly:

These two simple bowing technique exercises will help you with smooth bowing

The first exercise is to bow just with your index finger and thumb

With just a bit of pressure, you’ll lose control of the bow. This exercise is great for bow control. If you have the tendency to bow with too much pressure, this exercise can fix that.

The second exercise is the quarter bow exercise

In this exercise you bow a quarter of a whole bow stroke and lift one finger. At the frog you have a normal bow hold and at the tip you just have your index finger and thumb left.

This bow technique exercise is great for exploring the balance in the bow hold and the different functions of the bow hand fingers.

Hi! I'm Zlata

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How to practice

I recommend doing these exercises shortly at the beginning of your practice session. After a few days or maybe even the first day you’ll notice a positive difference in your playing.

It doesn’t make sense to do these exercises for a very long time, but it is important to do them consistently over time. In this way you train your bow hand for smooth bowing.

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  1. Barbara Tornquist

    This was very helpful. I was beginning to get discouraged but now have new hope. Thank you!

    • Zlata

      So happy to help, Barbara!


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