How to Turn Pages in an Orchestra | Violin Lounge TV #236

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This episode is about how to turn pages in an orchestra. I’m going to give a couple of short tips.

1) Be clear on who turns the pages

You don’t want to be confused who will turn the pages, so nobody does or you are fighting to. Normally the one on the left side of the stand turns the pages (for the audience the right). Depending on the way you sit in front of the audience, the one on the inside has to turn the pages. The one who is most visible or hearable for the audience, shouldn’t turn the pages.

2) Make it easy to turn the page

Perhaps you have difficulty grabbing one page and doubting if you accidentally grab two. Perhaps you can fold the corner of the page a bit, so you can easily grab it and turn the page. Yes, the book readers amongst you will hate me for this… and yes, I do this with books too. You can also put tape around the corner to grab it easily.

3) Avoid turning pages as much as possible

Organize your sheet music in such a way that you hardly have to turn pages and that you turn pages on suitable moments (for example during a rest). Sometimes you can’t help to miss a couple of notes because of page turning, but that’s ok as long as you avoid it as much as possible.

I don’t make books out of orchestra scores, but I tape all the pages in a row, so I’m flexible to fold it how I like: Click here to watch my video about organizing sheet music!

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