How to organize your sheet music | Violin Lounge TV #230

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In this episode I comment on a video sent in by a viewer who wants to improve her vibrato as a beginner violinist

I’ll teach you how to loosen up your wrist, so you can create a beautiful sounding vibrato and control it’s tempo

Tape your orchestra scores together in one row

In this way (I show it in the video) you are flexible in using it as a book or looking at 3 or 4 pages at the same time and you can always change the spot where you turn the pages.

This works well for orchestra scores and other long pieces, like concerto’s.

Put your loose sheet music in a binder with paper sleeves

If my students have a lot of loose pieces of music, I recommend putting everything in a binder.

You can make separate binders for separate ensembles, so you always have the right music with you. For gigs I’ve got lots of short pieces for different ensembles. Putting them in separate binders organized by composer and title, makes it easy to find the right piece.

If you want to look at 3 pages in a row, you can tape the third page to the paper sleeve.

Always organize your sheet music in the binder in such a way that you avoid turning pages as much as possible.

Have a good music stand

You should be able to place three or four pages in a row, so you can avoid turning pages. Also make sure you have a solid music stand, that won’t collapse under the weight of your binder.

I hope these tips come in handy for you.

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  1. Marcelita

    Omdat bij mij de lichte opvouwbare muziekstandaards niet echt blij waren met multomappen (en ik niet blij ben met sjouwen van orkestlessenaars)heb ik mijn muziekmapjes ‘light’gemaakt.
    Multomap dus afgeschaft.
    Bladmuziek in plastic multomap showmappen, op de eerste staat naam orkestje of wat dan ook en daarachter zit een steviger a-4 kartonnetje, zo ook met de laatste. Door twee multomapgaten gaat een koordje dat ook weer goed los te krijgen is. Voor aantekeningen en spelen haal ik het zonodig uit de showmap. Ik heb alles zo wel bijeen per ensemble/project. Lessenaar kan het prima hebben.

  2. Yael Sauzedde

    Very organized, good tips, thank you!

  3. Thisbe

    Thanks, I was curious what could be a good way to organise my sheets. I use light 23-rings plastic folders from the Hema with plastic sleeves. They stay open easily. One folder is for the music I need for my lessons, like etüdes, concerto’s and small pieces. And with extra copies I do not have to turn much pages. Your tip to tape some sleeves together is a good one! Very simple but I did not think about that before 🙂 Another folder is for all the music I did play in the past and one with pieces I hope to play in the near furure. So in general I have one file and a scale-book to carry.



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