Bow Hold Buddies: do they REALLY help your violin bow grip? | Violin Lounge TV #384

by | Sep 23, 2020 | 8 comments

What if you could just set and forget your violin bow hold, so you can focus on other areas of your playing?

In this video I review five different violin bow grip aids and the outcome is quite surprising!

Do you sometimes feel that your struggles with your bow grip are holding you back from getting progress on the violin?

As a violin teacher I was against bow grip aids, but the Bow Hold Buddies changed my mind!

Ask yourself the following when buying a bow grip aid:

  • Do I have the correct contact points?
  • Can I customize it to my bow hand?
  • Can I remove it part by part, so I can have a good transition to an independent bow hold?
  • Is the material right? Good finish? Exactly the right shape? Not slippery on my bow or my hand?

The original Things 4 Strings Bow Hold Buddies is the ONLY bow grip learning aid that meets all these demands and is really helpful.

Are Bow Hold Buddies only for beginner violinists?

Well, watch this 9 year old prodigy play the Tschaikovsky concerto with a pinky fish:

Buy the Bow Hold Buddies with 15% discount!

Make sure to use this special link and use the promo code F9X24Save15%

As Things 4 Strings is located in the USA, the promo code only works for those in the USA. For those in Europe and other areas outside the USA, Google a local webshop to save on shipping and import duties. Yup, I know this might be a disappointment, but I can’t do anything about it. The Buddies are well worth their original price, so if you feel you’ll benefit from them, buy them :).

Most valued features:

  • allows contact points
  • customizable bow hold
  • use parts
  • material quality

Hi! I'm Zlata

Let me help you find a great bow for your violin, so you can improve your bowing technique and sound quality:


  1. JD LaBash

    Is this applicable to viola? Is the bow grip significantly different from the violin? ( am self taught)

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Yes, this applies to viola as well and the Bow hold buddies fit a viola bow as well.

  2. Dixie Oswald

    Thank you but I think I’ll just use my hand as you have illustrated in your video

  3. kathy housand schrieber

    My biggest problem area on the bow hold is my thumb. I’m not sure how much it should bend, mine doesn’t want to bend much and I have to keep correcting it. Any thoughts on that as far as the bending or a bow hold buddy?

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Yes, it helps you keep the thumb in the correct position and keeps it flexible, so you can’t lock it like many people do.

  4. Anchal Rajput

    May I please know if this is a good violin bow hold corrector. My son is 9 years old and is currently doing ABRSM Grade 7. He has been playing violin for past 4.5 years

    • Zlata

      Does he have trouble with his bow hold? Perhaps it makes sense then to use it for a while. Maybe also show this video to his teacher and consult with him/her.


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