3rd Position Violin Shifting Exercises

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Position Play | 0 comments

Practice the third position on the violin with these shifting exercises that train you to play the 3rd position in tune.

Learn to shift and practice the 3rd position on the violin

In this video I’m sharing some shifting exercises that work great for my students. It teaches you exactly where the third position is, to play in tune and learn the notes. In this exercise you shift back and forth the third position and in the video I show you exactly how to do this securely.

Missed the first lesson? Watch it right here. I show the violin notes and finger chart of the first position and third position. Also I explain when it’s the right time to start the third position.

This is lesson 2 of my FREE 3rd position violin challenge

This challenge takes you from the endless seeming beginner stage to an intermediate violinist. By learning to shift, you can play much more pieces on the violin. Click here to join the challenge, watch all videos and download the free PDF sheet music.


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