10 Violin Scales in the 3rd Position

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Position Play | 4 comments

Learn to play 6 one octave violin scales and 4 two octave violin scales to practice the third position on the violin and play in tune

Practice scales to learn to play in tune in the 3rd position on the violin

You’ll learn six one octave scales: C major, C minor, G major, G minor, D major and D minor.

You’ll learn four two octave scales: C major, C minor, D major and D minor. You can play these scales all in the third position or you can start in the first position and shift to the third position later in the scale.

Download the sheet music right here.

This is lesson 3 of my FREE 3rd position violin challenge

This challenge takes you from the endless seeming beginner stage to an intermediate violinist. By learning to shift, you can play much more pieces on the violin. Click here to join the challenge, watch all videos and download the free PDF sheet music.


  1. Yona

    Thanks Zlata!
    This is really beautiful

    • Zlata

      Enjoy, Yona!

  2. Binah

    Thank you Zlata. It’s very useful, Please keep going. I’m sure you help a lot people other than me

    • Zlata

      Wonderful! There will be two more lessons this week!


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