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Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a violin technique treasure trove!

Improve intonation, bowing, sound, shifting, double stops and much more all while playing four beautiful concertos: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Let me show you around:

As a teenager I wasn’t that thrilled to study Vivaldi’s Four Seasons… too cliché. Later during my conservatory studies the emphasis was more on the big romantic concertos and for baroque it was mainly Bach…

After my studies I was so occupied with stuff I HAD to study that I didn’t get to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. I asked around and it appears that many professional violinists have never studied Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Recently I discovered something great: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons really is a treasure trove of intermediate violin technique. Playing these four beautiful concertos (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) you improve your intonation, sound, bowing, double stops, speed, accuracy and much more.

In the video above I show you around with lots of examples. Are you serious about studying Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Make sure to join my online course with 100+ detailed video lessons.

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And again… if you’re serious about studying the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, join my online course! Inside are 100+ video violin lessons on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Share YOUR Vivaldi’s Four Seasons story in the comment below!

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  1. Dixie Oswald

    Thankyou for the information. I am not a very good student. I’m still doing the bowing and the third position. Truly, it’s my fault at not practicing. Somehow I’ve got to be more disciplined. I do love your tutorials and playalongs.


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